Step into style this season

Step into style this season

Yep, it’s now officially Autumn, which means Pumpkin Spice Lattes; the leaves falling from the trees; dropping temperatures and the official yearly “turning on of the heating” (does anyone else treat it like a special occasion the first time they turn it on for the winter?). Now we are saying goodbye to those maxidresses and wedges we have styled up for the summer months and hello to boots with thick, comfy socks. I love the Autumn, mostly because it’s my birthday in October; but also because of the lovely layers you can wear, and the joy of stepping out from the cold into a warm house. This year is a bit different for me, I don’t own a pair of boots, nope none at all. I had a shoe cull last year and got rid of all my old and overworn shoes with the promise of buying some nice new ones this year.

The only thing is I don’t have the budget to be buying expensive branded shoes (you know, the usual culprits) so I have been looking at some from Uppersole.  They have pretty much any style and colour you could ever want, of every kind of shoe, so you will always find what you’re looking for.  Take a look at their website for the Uppersole must have shoes if you want to follow the latest trends and styles.

I have got my eyes on some “Women’s Fur Lined Biker/Ankle Boots” which seems a mouthful, but you can see the style I have in mind. I want to have the best look but at the smallest price, and these are currently on at £24.99 so are ideal for my budget. Uppersole must have shoes,


These are no good for work though, so I’ll probably end up purchasing some black simple boots to keep me going there such as these pixie boots which are currently £19.99.

Uppersole must have shoes,

Being a mum, I don’t only have to think of my own feet, but my daughter’s too. We’ve had the privilege of being able to use sandals all over the summer and light shoes that were supportive but weren’t particularly robust but, then again, they didn’t need to be. With the winter on the way and the increase in the rain, it’s time to look at waterproof shoes and ones that can weather all storms. This time next year we will be tackling school shoes, so I’m keen not to find footwear that is too boring. I’ve found these “Glitter Trainers” on Uppersole which my daughter would love – they are glittery and pink – two of her favourite things.

Uppersole must have shoes,

These “Rabbit Bunny Ears Plimsoles” are a variation on the above but with adorable bunny ears as well. At £14.99 you can afford to buy both and have a choice, as opposed to some children’s footwear shops where you need a mortgage to get your kid’s shoes.

Uppersole must have shoes,

With autumn and winter on the way, what are you going to wear on your feet? I’m off to fill up my basket and get these bought for when the cold really comes!

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