Being a better me

Being a better me

The last few months have been a little different. When we came back from our holiday in May I was unhappy. Not in a mental health way, but a self-confidence way. I was the biggest I’ve ever been and I was sick of seeing the rolls of fat in the mirror. Now don’t get me wrong, I celebrate body positivity and there is nothing wrong with being ANY shape, however, I was not happy with me. I wrote more about this in my post about dieting earlier in the year. So after a holiday full of excess, I decided to make big changes to try an be a better me.

After losing quite a lot of weight at the beginning of the year, I fell off the wagon and ended up putting all that weight back on with a couple of extra lb on top. So I was around 14st 2lb when we got back from Spain. I started a diet plan that was quite drastic, using protein shakes (or smoothies as I couldn’t stomach the shakes on their own) and protein porridge or pancakes with one proper meal a day. I lost the weight fast and ended up losing 1st within about 4 weeks.

But I had a difference in mind this time, I didn’t just want to be thin, I wanted to be healthy and toned. So I decided to really go for it and booked in for 8 sessions with a personal trainer and sign up at a gym. The PT I picked was an ex-student midwife I mentored and was probably the only reason I had the confidence to go. I wouldn’t have been comfortable with a stranger and definitely not a huge bloke who shouted at me.

“Yes, I know this is a stereotype but still one that put me off!”

Even with the confidence that she was there to support me, I still wanted to turn around and run out of the gym before my first session. It’s all so intimidating the first time you go, however, after that initial leap, I was fine and broke the anxiety relating to exercising in front of other people – and some VERY fit people at that! I worked out very quickly that the people who had the best bodies weren’t looking at me working out, they were looking at themselves!

Fast forward to now, 4 months later, and I’m onto my second set of 8 sessions, including my gap when I was in hospital with sepsis, I have lost 4 inches around my waist and can start to see a toned body coming through. I am stronger and have better stamina than I have in years and I am actually loving going each week. The accountability of having my PT means I will always go and I love pushing my limits with weight training week on week. It’s so satisfying.

“I also decided to take on the personal challenge of training to run a 10k.”

I have just completed my first 5k and am doing the 10k this weekend, I never thought I would be doing anything related to running. Looking forward over the next couple of months I am also thinking of heading back to a hobby I used to have when I was in primary school… golf. Yep, I used to love going to the driving range when I was little. I am really lucky where we live in the fact that there is a golf course two minutes away which I have never taken advantage of. I was looking at some bits and bobs at Function 18 to keep the family warm during the winter months if I decide to take it up as a new family hobby.

So what’s my target? At the moment losing weight is equal to toning up. I have reached a plateau whereby I’m not losing any more weight but losing inches still. So my muscle is building. I would love to have a lovely curvy figure and be fit, which is happening slowly but surely. I will keep you updated with how I get on.

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