Styling out your wardrobe for every season

Styling out your wardrobe for every season

In the UK, summer is a bit of a fickle beast, either it’s boiling hot or wet and miserable. We have to admit that this year has been exceptional, however, I speak for us all when I say I was absolutely fed up with it in the end. In the high temperatures, I struggle with knowing what to wear and how to dress. I always find it hard to have a “summer wardrobe” or “winter wardrobe” as I feel I can never guarantee the weather and that they’ll be suitable. So I find I have to be creative, here are my tips for styling out your wardrobe for every season.

With losing a lot of weight recently, I am also struggling to have clothes that fit. I’m in that in-between period where my old clothes are huge, but I don’t want to buy new ones as I still have a stone to go; so I’m finding myself either buying cheap and cheerful bits from the bargain clothes shops, or trying to style out a size 18 top on my (now) size 12-14 body. The lucky thing about life these days is that there are plenty of places you can shop that you can get an outfit for less than £20, but on the whole, I don’t find the quality very good – it’s much better to spend a little more and have season-less pieces which work all year round.

So how can you style a piece for the summer?

I think the key to styling anything is accessories, but that is common knowledge. However, WHAT accessories is the key here. Starting off with a solid base is the first step. In the summer you want to have lighter items – in colour and in fit. Loose t-shirts or camisole tops are always a win, and combining that with shorts or flowing skirts helps to combat the humid days. Skinny fit jeans or jeggings are great intermediates and look summery but suit every season.

Accessories wise, you don’t want too much. Scarves can feel too warm so opt for a long or medium length necklace and bracelets. Shoes wise you can use the “go-to” flip-flops, however, to make something look smarter, either for a night out or for a more glam day, wedges are fantastic. They make any outfit automatically summery. If you’re looking for some affordable wedges for the summer then you can get cheap wedge heels from Uppersole.

Now, onto winter styling.

When it comes to the colder months, it’s all about the bolder colours and comfy outfits. Chunky knit sweaters with bootcut jeans or sweatpants are ideal. Accessories wise, cloth scarves are perfect to help keep you warm, whilst maintaining style and footwear is ideally heavier boots and closed toe shoes. When looking for footwear places like Uppersole also have budget boots in hundreds of styles, so there is something to suit everyone.

If you’re looking for some more tips for dressing for the seasons, then there are some fantastic ideas for lazy styling tips for the summer (that has me summed up in one!) and ideas for when the weather is REALLY cold.

So tell me, what is your best tip for dressing for the weather?

*This is a collaborative post.

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