Why I love reins for my daughter

Why I love reins for my daughter

So a few topics of conversation are very controversial within the parenting community, one is breast or bottle, and cry it out versus attachment parenting. Another one that dares to cross the lips of fearsome mummies and daddies is reins. To rein or not to rein? That is the question. You’re probably asking yourself “Should I use reins for my daughter or son?”. Where do you fall on the issue?

I am FIRMLY in favour of yes.

Why? Well, for a few reasons really. And I’ll be brutally honest when I say that I don’t have a clue why anyone would think they weren’t amazing.

Why I got reins for my daughter. son reins, child reins, www.mumsymidwife.com

My daughter is an escape artist, she was trained by Houdini in a previous life and has remembered all the tips and tricks that he passed on. She loves to slip out of my hand and disappear from view within the space of 0.3 seconds. The second she started walking I made a fatal error and took her to Pets at Home and left the pram in the car, “I know,” I thought “I’m going to be two minutes and she will hold my hand, all I need is some heavy duty poo bags” (the reasoning behind that purchase is a story for another day).

So in earnest, I took her tiny, pudgy fingers and walked in to what could only be described as her pet-version of Disneyland. I let go of those fingers for less than a millisecond as I reached to the high shelf to retrieve the deodorising bags, took a quick sniff check and looked down… to see she had completely disappeared.

I then proceeded to chase her around the shelves as she caused destruction by pulling off every type of worming tablet and what seemed like a hundred dog chews from the shelves, with a squeal of glee.

I know what you’re going to say, I should have been watching her closer, why did I let her out of my sight? What an irresponsible parent I am, she should be removed from my care immediately.

But do you know what I say to that?

Get a grip!

You mean to tell me that you have NEVER taken your eyes off your cherub child since they were born? No, I didn’t think so. So THAT is why I like reins.

Why I got reins for my daughter. son reins, child reins, www.mumsymidwife.com

Since that fateful event, I ordered some reins on Amazon Prime from the car in Pets at Home car park. They are the best £4 I ever spent. Every time she is out of her pram walking I have those reins on her, just in case she makes a break for it, or even if she stumbles – the reins are great for preventing unwanted boo-boos and head injuries.

So you want to tell me why reins are bad? Go on then, give me your best because I really don’t think you’ll change my mind.

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