Cosatto changing bag from Kiddies Kingdom

Cosatto changing bag from Kiddies Kingdom

I am partial to a nice handbag, it is a trait I inherited from my mum. So when I had my daughter I wanted to make sure I had a lovely changing bag to hold all the gubbins you need with a newborn. I lusted after the brands like Pink Lining and their beautiful Yummy Mummy bags, but they were too far out of my price range. In the end, I settled for an eBay Cath Kidston knock off which lasted me about 6 months before it fell apart. Recently, Kiddies Kingdom asked me if I would like to review one of their Cosatto changing bags and I bit their hand off. 

I love the Cosatto brand and although we bought a Quinny travel system, when we converted to a stroller I begged for a Kokeshi Smile Supa Stroller. Luckily as Christmas was approaching, we managed to collect some money from family to buy one with. When I was faced with a list of different Cosatto changing bags to pick, I felt like I was in my element. In the end, I decided to try the Golightly 2 style with a distinctive black, white and pink design.

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What did I think?

The functionality of the bag is nothing unusual. It has a changing mat folded inside and a lovely polka dot inside lining. The strap is robust and the whole bag feels like it is built to last. Now that Isabelle is 2, I luckily don’t need to pack as much stuff as I did in her youngest days. The bag is a little on the small side, if I needed to pack nappies, wipes, bottles, formula AND toys or nibbles I would struggle to get that all in. In some cases I packed a thermos flask for the water, if all of the aforementioned items were needed, I’m confident it wouldn’t fit. The bag closes with a zip closure which feels very strong and the bag itself would withstand all weathers.

One thing I really love about the design is that it would be suitable to be used as other things rather than a changing bag. It would easily fit a laptop and other accessories if you were working away from home, and if you wanted to use it after the years of potty training have gone, it would blend in as a normal bag. The build quality also leads me to think it would last many years, unlike my eBay knock off.


If you are looking for a moderately sized changing bag, then this would be a fantastic choice. If you were looking for a hold-everything type of changing bag, you may need to look elsewhere.

*I was sent the changing bag in return for an honest review, the opinions here are my own

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