MyHeritage DNA review

MyHeritage DNA review

Finding out your ancestry has recently been taken to another level, in the old days you would have to trawl through endless amounts of public records to try and find out what your Great (x6) Aunty Betty’s maiden name was. Now there is the internet and also at home DNA tests available. Recently MyHeritage sent me one of their DNA tests to try – the results weren’t what I was expecting.

I had a clear vision in my mind what I expected my background to be, my family are English and Welsh so I didn’t anticipate that I would be anything but British. I was fully aware I was probably going to be very disappointed by my results as they wouldn’t show any new revelations but nonetheless, I wanted to try it to show myself I knew where I came from.

How does it arrive?

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Luckily I was gifted a kit to review for my readers, but you can buy one online and get it posted to your home. The kits at MyHeritage retail at £75 but frequently have special offers. This is an all-inclusive price and includes all the processing at the lab when you send the test back. You do have to pay the postage to return the swabs to the USA, but that was the price of one international stamp £1.40, so it won’t break the bank.

What do you do?

The test is very well packaged and there is little room for error. In the box are two cotton swabs, 2 small plastic vials with liquid in and a small jiffy bag with the address printed on it. You use one swab in each cheek and twist it around on the inside of your mouth for 30 seconds. Once you’ve finished you put one swab in each vial and secure them in the bag. You then activate the kit on the MyHeritage website with the relevant code inside the box and post the sample off at the Post Office.

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Waiting for the results.

Now, this is where you need to be patient. I posted mine off on 25th September and got my results on the 4th November. It seemed like a very long wait after sending it off before I heard anything; MyHeritage send you an email when it has been received in the lab, and from there you can track the progress of your sample. The whole thing seemed a drawn-out process, but I have absolutely no idea about the work involved with this, so I won’t count this as a negative. I genuinely just wanted to find out my results, so I think the time felt longer because of the anticipation.

The results.

So on 4th November, I got the long awaited email saying my DNA test was ready, they make it feel special by playing a little video with your results in so you get the “wow” factor, rather than reading through a plain PDF. Here is what I am:

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Crazy right? I was completely wrong about being only English and Welsh, I wonder where the Asian comes in?


I must say I was really impressed, it is a complete novelty purchase as the information really doesn’t mean anything to you or your family, but it IS interesting. If you’re looking for a present with a difference, or have some money burning in your pocket I would definitely get one, after all, you have nothing to lose, but a heritage to gain!

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