House hunting diary – We’ve moved!

House hunting diary – We’ve moved!

I’ve been a bit quiet of late, but hopefully this explains what I’ve been up to!

If you’ve been reading the other posts in the series (part 1, part 2 and part 3) you’ll know we’ve been waiting a LOONNGG time to get into our new house. 4 months in fact. But it happened! Although I am writing about the event slightly late (we moved in almost a month ago) I thought I’d end the series with a little post about what the moving process was like. In short… hell.

So if we wind the clocks back to the first week of July and all systems were go! Our moving date was the 8th and because I ran out of time, we hired a company to come and pack our house for us. I was relieved but also a bit anxious in case they didn’t come, God knows what would’ve happened if they hadn’t. So the day before we completed, a man arrived with 120 boxes and packed the whole house top to bottom in 3 hours! How on earth he was so fast I’ll never know, but he was an angel sent from heaven (with a hefty bill attached).

We’d planned to hire a giant van, which my husband bravely drove, with a few near misses of bollards and pedestrians (no lie). Luckily, our sellers let us into our new house a day early as the house was already empty and we managed to drop off the sofas and the majority of the boxes. We thought the lion share of the work was done!! Look how happy I look drinking wine the night before the move. I had no idea what was coming!


So the next morning we merrily start repacking the van with the remainder and realise… there was still a hell of a lot left to take. We thought we’d be out by 10am waiting for the keys for our new place, but instead we were rushing to get out of the property before our buyers arrived with their van. There was just not enough room for all our crap! I was just so relieved we’d palmed half of our things off at the new house the day before as we, naively, thought that we’d fit our whole house into the van for one journey. The photo below was only 1/3 of our stuff! I have no idea where we’d have put it all if we’d have had only one trip, and by 11am we were all on our knees, we hadn’t even gotten halfway. By about 1.30 we managed to “Tetris-style” the van and zoom off to the new house. Wahoo job done…

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Nah, the job is never done, now we had to unpack the blooming thing. Somehow, we mustered up the energy to empty the van before we all collapsed into a bottle of Prosecco and fell asleep into our plate of Chinese (that I nearly ordered to the old house).

The next day was lovely and relaxed right? Nope, we had the Ikea trip of nightmares. We spent 3 hours loading 3 trollies full of flat packs + 2 rows and a thought of divorce. We absolutely had to have them delivered later in the day for us to build that night (joy), so we were also on a time limit to get to the delivery department before the cutoff. As you can imagine we had a case of “pick a bed, any bed” as the time ticked on…

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I’m so thrilled.

I’d well and truly lost the will to live, but once we got home we still had the Virgin TV, broadband and phone installation booked (which was an epic fail) – we ended up with no TV, no internet and building flat packs until midnight without waking the baby. Great fun was had by all… We fell asleep into a soggy pizza that night (not my finest culinary achievement).

Fast forwarding back to now, things have finally settled, all the flat packs are built, most of the boxes are emptied and I’m getting ready to go back to work next week. I’ve been off for 13 months so I’m bricking it! But we adore our new house and are so pleased we lived through the move from hell to be where we are now. We couldn’t have done it without the help of my parents and my in-laws, they worked their bums off. I’ll post a few photos when the house is ready and start a new series about making our new house our forever home.

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