House hunting diary – 9th March

House hunting diary – 9th March

Guess what… we’re house hunting, I know what gave it away?

So I’ll tell you now, I hate moving – with a fiery passion in fact. However, our beautiful little house is just too small for our family and we are struggling to find room for everything. My poor husband doesn’t have an office so his PC lives on our kitchen table. We have to put it away every time we feed the little one. Hardly a good working environment for him to get his indie projects finished (he’s a game designer).

The search began about 8 weeks ago when, by accident, the hubby noticed our “forever home” on Rightmove. By the time we called to book a viewing (less than 2 hours) it had already gone. The seed was then planted and we decided to keep looking. We weren’t in a rush to find anywhere as we adore our first home and we’ll be so sad to leave it.

But then things kicked up a gear. In the town we live in the market is booming, there are multiple buyers for every home and there is such high demand that some agents won’t even accept a bid unless you’ve already sold your home.

Yes I did say bid.

Gone are the days where you put a cheeky offer in under the asking price, now most houses are an open or closed bid system. I personally hate the closed bid system. If you don’t know what that is, basically you have a one time chance of a bid, if it’s the highest you can win; but you can’t increase your bid after that… if you catch my drift? Once in a lifetime offer… literally.

I said can… you see the thing is, if you have the highest bid, but you’ve not sold your house… they won’t even take your “purchase” off the market. So then others might gazump you. I know, what a complicated web they weave.

At the minute we are waiting for both our house to sell and to find a house that will accept an offer. An almost impossible impasse.

Watch this space… as we all know, moving happens at a snail’s pace.

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