5 things that change when you become a parent.

5 things that change when you become a parent.

Being a parent undoubtedly changes you. When you are part of a couple your identity changes to become “Mother” or “Father”.  But it doesn’t have to be the breaking of you. Have a little scan through these things that changed for me when I became a mum:

1.You become Master’s of time.

When you were childless, you would spend long, lazy mornings in bed at the weekend (or not if you work shifts like me). When you have a “bundle of joy” you become better than a radio controlled clock at distinguishing what time of day it is. Nighttime hours are where the majority of your time is spent, and exactly how long you’ve been up becomes like a background app refreshing at a constant rate.

13 hours 3 minutes 47 seconds and counting…

2. Date night is as exciting as it gets.

But the best date nights end up with you both going to bed at 9pm after watching half an episode of a box-set on Netfllix. Both so exhausted that you can’t even comprehend if you’re dreaming about having some time together or if you’re actually awake.

3. Time on your own is even better than date night.

The thought of having a morning or afternoon on your own is, hands down, the most exciting thing to happen this year. Having the baby/child out of the house so you can do… whatever you want, is better than Christmas. Cue a bubble bath and a bottle of wine, regardless of the time of day.

4. Social suicide is a daily occurence.

Before, you wouldn’t leave the house without a full face of makeup, now you happily wear a pair of your babies tights on your head as bunny ears to entertain her while you try to eat a sandwich at a swanky café.

*That did happen to me actually, I was looked at? Yes. Did I care? No*

My defence: She did it too!



5. You feel like a battle hardened team.

You may bear scars from the life of parenting(bogeys on all clothes, sick on your top, you know the kind) and despite doing some of the most disgusting things you never thought you would do (e.g. pick a poo out of the bath) you look at each other and feel stronger than Gladiators in the ring.

So gone are the days that you would happily imagine what life would be like with children. Now you know the cold, hard reality and are sometimes not quite sure if you’ve entered heaven or hell.

What do you enjoy doing most during “child free” time? Or is that a dim and distant memory?


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