La La Beads review

La La Beads review

I’m going to say it… my daughter is addicted to these La La Beads.

We were kindly given a necklace to try as my little one is currently 7 months. Honestly, she dribbles like a dog and still has no teeth to show for it! Normally she just chews on my fingers, her fingers, her bib, her high chair, the cat… you name it, it all goes in that tiny mouth. I was really excited to hear about something that is wearable for me and safe for her to have in her mouth.

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I trialled the necklace over the space of about 10 days and the thing I found the handiest about it was the fact that she can’t drop it on the floor! We have a battle-hardened Sophie Giraffe, which serves a fantastic purpose when she is out and about in the stroller; on the floor playing; or with a person without the La La Beads necklace – however, Sophie falls on the floor constantly! Then there is the age-old “how the hell do I clean this in public without her having a meltdown” conundrum that both teether and soother ridden parents suffer with. The La La Beads necklace meant she can chew it and drop it but it always stays around my neck, and therefore will be clean enough for her to have in her mouth.

The verdict?

The only thing that I found that was difficult with the necklace was the fact that my little one has a vice-like grip. She quite quickly realised she could throttle me with the necklace to convince me to do her bidding (i.e. get her a bottle this instant). To me though, that really isn’t something that would stop me wearing it. It kept her entertained for ages; the necklace is “on trend” (not something I would usually say I was) and the beads dry really quickly so you aren’t left with a salivary mess dangling around your décolletage.

I was gifted the La La Beads necklace for purposes of review, but I value my readers and my integrity so the opinions I have are my own and honest. I value you all too much to compromise that

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  1. March 8, 2016 / 12:41 pm

    Entered, I have several fiddle beads, you can never have too many! These look lovely and a great review, she looks like she is making good use of the beads.

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