Floatworks Review.

Floatworks Review.

I had a nice relaxing day out this week, Chris from Floatworks invited me down to London to try their floatation therapy. It has been shown to increase the levels of dopamine and endorphins in your system to elevate your mood; along with decreasing stress and helping with pain- you can read all the benefits here. After delving into it, I was really excited to try it, so I hopped onto a train, child free for the day.The building was really easy to find, right next to Vauxhall tube station. The spa is in a gorgeous plaza with lots of very expensive looking flats and right next to the Thames. I was really early so they let me sit in the Chillout room until it was time for my “float”. There were special tea infusions available to drink along with some stylish books and a guest book that I really enjoyed flicking through.

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When it came to my slot I was taken into one of the pod rooms. Each one has its own shower and floatation pod (no sharing required). I was also given some earplugs, so water didn’t get in my ears, and petroleum jelly to put on any cuts and scratches. The water in the pod is filled with epsom salts, which is what makes you float, so any little cuts would be really sore in the salty water. I was also warned against rubbing my eyes, luckily I remembered when I got an eye itch and resisted the urge!

I was left to get myself sorted, so got into my stylist polka dot cossie, although you can go in with no clothes on at all! Then you get into the pod, pull down the hood and float for an hour. The first 10 minutes you have some calming music and then the final 5 minutes it comes back on to let you know your float is coming to an end. In between it’s silent and you can turn off the lights for complete relaxation. I was worried I wouldn’t float, but that was quickly quashed as I bobbed on the surface of the warm water. It was a really strange sensation, at first I felt a little seasick, but I managed to get over that feeling and carry on. I also got quite hot so had to open the hood for a while to cool down. The actual time floating was really relaxing, you can let all of the tension out of your body and just let you mind wander. I could feel my shoulders slowly unwinding and the stress flow out.

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At the end of my time floating I was able to get myself ready and sorted in the pod room and then transfer to their Hollywood room to dry my hair. There were also GHDs to use if you wanted. I definitely didn’t want to be walking around London with wet hair, so that was a welcomed addition to the spa. After that I made my way towards Harrods for some window shopping and got the later train home, very relaxed and de-stressed!

It was definitely an experience I had never had before, it was a very alien feeling to completely float, but it was great fun and I had a lovely time in my pod!

Although I was invited along to try Floatworks for free in return for a review, my opinions are my own. I value you all too much to compromise that! 

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