Blog On MSI 2016

Blog On MSI 2016

Sunday 1st May was a busy, busy day. But a great one! I had a ticket to the hottest event in Manchester, Blog On MSI. Thanks Aby at You Baby Me Mummy for the ticket, I’m sorry you couldn’t go, would have loved to catch up!

The only problem was that the trains wouldn’t get me there until half way through the afternoon, so at 6.30am I set off driving. The journey there was great, cruise control on and a coffee en route. I also pre-booked my parking with NCP to reduce stress, although it was quite expensive to be honest. £20 for the day is a lot to pay for a car parking space!

I arrived with plenty of time to spare and was at the door waiting for it to open, I think I looked very keen. The event was fantastic, I got to see some of my blogging friends that I’d never managed to meet before and get to know some bloggers I’ve only seen through Facebook comments. There was the added bonus of bumping into other peeps that I met at Blogfest and other events.

I mainly focused my attention on the sessions about Pinterest and YouTube; two areas I’ve still got to get used to. Elizabeth (@rosalilium) gave some fantastic tips about how to optimise your Pinterest account for your blog. I’ve already started writing more detailed descriptions and am trying to get my head around “rich pins”. I’m really trying to get ahead of the game and be prepared to pin about events way before they’re coming. It has been found that people look at Pinterest for ideas,  so they’ll be looking for inspiration much earlier than you would expect. Think about Halloween; you aren’t looking for inspiration on the 30th October, you’re looking much earlier than that so you can get yourself ready. That’s what I’m planning for.

Channel Mum came to talk about YouTube. I have very little experience with vlogging, but it’s something that I’m planning on doing a lot more of (watch this space). They gave some fab advice on inspiration for vlogs, and how to promote your content. The first two hours after you post a video on YouTube are the most important, promote, promote, promote. In that time YouTube decides if it is worth watching and that affects the video’s reach. Also an insider tip is not to share directly to Facebook, this innocent faux pas can affect your views in a significant way. Facebook and YouTube don’t seem to like each other. The answer is to make a smaller teaser trailer for Facebook where you link to your original on YouTube at the end of the clip.

After tasting some of THE most amazing cake I had to make my farewells and stumble back to the car with my haul of freebies (I’m not even exaggerating).

Blog On MSI

This is where the day goes downhill. All the Leicester fans were leaving Old Trafford at the same time as I was leaving Central Manchester. It took me two hours to get to the M6, TWO HOURS. Then there was a massive accident so the M6 had tailbacks for miles. I ended up getting home after a long 4 hour journey, that should have been 2.

Even with the epic journey home, I still had an amazing day, thank you so much Laura at Tired Mummy of Two for arranging such a fab event. I’m already looking forward to next year!


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  1. May 4, 2016 / 7:47 pm

    It was so, so lovely to meet you! I may have to hang around with you at every future conference ever now 🙂 x

    • May 4, 2016 / 7:58 pm

      Right back at ya! ☺️

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