Mums and Mental Health – A New Post Series.

Mums and Mental Health – A New Post Series.

As a midwife and a mum, I have had a lot of experience, personally and professionally, with how mental health can affect your pregnancy experience and life as a mum. It is something I am truly passionate about and, in my opinion, it needs to be publicised more. Women that suffer from mental illness aren’t “crazy” or “nuts”, they’re normal, and with the amount of women estimated to have postnatal depression at about 1 in 10 mums, it is something that is very common.

Mental health issues in pregnancy, be it antenatally, during birth or postnatally, can vary wildly. Some women may suffer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from their birth; or some may have antenatal anxiety, stemming from a previous miscarriage. There is no limit to the nuances of perinatal (the pregnancy and postnatal period) mental health. Did you suffer from any problems psychologically, during your pregnancy and after the birth?

So as a contribution to normalising mental health issues and reducing the stigma, I am starting a post series called “Mums and Mental Health”. I’ve been very lucky and some wonderful bloggers have come forward to write guest posts for me, detailing different aspects of mental health in pregnancy and postnatally. There is no shame in admitting you’re finding things hard, or that you are suffering. If you ever feel like this please, please, PLEASE talk to someone; your partner, your best friend, family or the GP. There are so many sources of support available and you don’t have to go through it alone. At the end of each post I will post the links to support, should you find that a post hits a nerve.

So with no further adieu, the series will start next week with a post by Katy at It’s me Katy C, I’ll post a new instalment weekly on a Wednesday for you to catch up with. Please feel free to subscribe to my blog for the updates and also all of my wonderful guest poster’s blogs and social media. By talking we’re normalising – one day there won’t be a stigma with mental health. Let’s help bring that day closer!

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