Edinburgh – an adventure. Part 2

Edinburgh – an adventure. Part 2

So if you missed my first part, you can find it here:

Edinburgh – an adventure part 1.

So where I left you before I had just been for a spot of shopping. In the afternoon I had booked a Groupon for a whisky tasting session at Jeffrey Street Whisky and Tobacco. I was accompanied with 4 locals and a very knowledgeable whisky specialist (I have no idea if that is what her job was). She told me all about how whisky was made and where along with giving me 4 samples of whisky ranging from 21 years to 30 years old.

So, before I booked I was pretty confident that I liked whisky, turns out I absolutely hate it. The strongest one 53% proof and I totally couldn’t handle it. It was like paint thinner! I definitely don’t have the tastebuds for a good single malt whisky. To save face, I muddled through and drank as much as I could of the samples, before making a hasty exit to go home for a lie-down.

In the evening I went along to Pizza Express for some nosh, which was delicious, before returning to my room to watch Casualty. It’s been a long while since I’ve seen that show, let’s just say I won’t be setting up a series link!

The final morning.

I was up bright and early to have another scrumptious breakfast in the Travelodge. My plans were to mosey about until my train at 2.50 but the weather was atrocious. I trudged up the road to Mary Kings Close with my umbrella battling the wind, only to find I made the mistake of not pre-booking. All the tours were full until long after my train left the city, which was a massive disappointment, but totally my fault. It is definitely on my list to do, should I return in the future.

In light of my plans falling through I stopped for a coffee and then treated myself to a sit down in the First Class lounge in the station. I got my money’s worth with biscuits and crisps and hot coffee before the poo hit the fan once again.

The return journey.

Luckily this time I was able to board the train I actually booked, the only issue was that the one before this was cancelled so everyone was on this train instead. So do you remember in part 1 where I said that all existing reservations were honoured? Turns out that they pick and choose who that applies to, so when I went to my seat I was joyfully informed that there were no reservations on the train I booked, due to the earlier cancellation, and good luck finding somewhere else to sit. Let’s just say I wasn’t very impressed; Virgin West Coast trains got a strongly worded email from me.

Eventually, I arrived back at Coventry station, absolutely exhausted and ready for work the following morning. In all, it was a fantastic trip with great hospitality from Travelodge and a wonderful city to explore. I would recommend it for solo travellers, couples and families as there is so much to choose from and do in Edinburgh. I imagine when Edinburgh Fringe is on the streets are buzzing, something I would love to visit one year, for sure.

Have you ever been to Edinburgh? Do you have any hidden gems you want to tell me about?

In case you missed it on my previous post, here is the link to my vlog whilst I was in Edinburgh.

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*I was gifted a room at the Travelodge Edinburgh Central in exchange for an honest review.

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