Celebrity Big Brother Paul Danan can shut up

Celebrity Big Brother Paul Danan can shut up

Ok, so that is a little harsh for me, but did anyone else see the episode of Celebrity Big Brother on 9th Aug? I am guessing you probably didn’t as it isn’t on the same level as Love Island, but I am getting massive withdrawal symptoms from reality TV, so I’ve taken it upon myself to get into CBB this year.

So in this particular episode the inmates, sorry I meant HOUSEmates, were bitching about Tricia Paytas. For those that aren’t aware (and to be honest I wasn’t until she went into the house) she is a famous YouTuber, she has over 2 million subscribers. So pretty successful, wouldn’t you say? Considering I only have a few subscribers I would count her as a YouTuber celebrity.

So why the hell was Paul Danan saying that she was a nobody? He said that her online following wasn’t as legitimate as his TV following. He said “I write autographs” and basically said that 2 million subscribers were worthless if they were online.

So when did we last hear from him? According to Wikipedia, he was in CBBC’s The Queens Nose back in 1995 and Hollyoaks from 1997-2001. I honestly wouldn’t recognise him if he walked past me on the street. And no, I wouldn’t have recognised Tricia either but I dare say she is much more popular than him.

So why would someone think an online following wasn’t as legitimate as a TV following?

I guess the answer to that would be that people aren’t aware of the enormity of social media. Many people haven’t heard of Zoella, although I have a little bit of a “vlog crush” on her, she has over 11 million subscribers and apparently earns around £50,000 a month from YouTube and the opportunities that have come from her channel. So would Paul say she was unsuccessful? I would wager she earns much more money than him.

So what is worth more, a following from the internet, or a following from being in the limelight at some point in the past? 

Personally, I would say that an online following is much more powerful due to the fact that the viewers and followers feel the personality is more “accessible” and similar to themselves. You can relate to someone recording a video in their bedroom more than someone that’s won a Brit award; and you feel like you are involved with their lives, rather than someone that you read about in the tabloids.

So what do you think, is social media more powerful than TV? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me

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  1. August 10, 2017 / 7:10 pm

    Ugh! I rolled my eyes so much watching CBB last night….
    Trisha is more of a somebody than Paul Danan. At least she is relevant now a days.
    I think now a days social media is more powerful. I feel more of a connection to the likes of Zoella and You tube celebrities than I do to people who appear on TV shows or singers. x

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