Edinburgh – an adventure. Part 1

Edinburgh – an adventure. Part 1

I do love an adventure, don’t you? I love going and exploring somewhere new and strolling down the lanes and finding little gems. So when I was invited to review the Travelodge in Edinburgh I jumped at the chance. I don’t normally do “day in the life” posts, but this one deserved to be published. Are you sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin. 

Want to see for yourself? Here’s a vlog of my weekend.

The journey.

I travelled to Edinburgh for just two nights, starting with a first class train ride to Edinburgh from Coventry. I love travelling on the train, and I hadn’t travelled first class before, so I was really excited to sample Virgin West Coast’s hospitality. Well, I grew a few grey hairs that day. I tootled over from work straight to the station to catch my train to find that all trains were cancelled between London Euston and Coventry. Unfortunately, someone had jumped on the line and it meant that no trains could get past.

I needed to form a plan of action, so I asked for assistance and was told to head straight to Birmingham New Street to catch a suitable train to Edinburgh. I managed to get myself on a jam packed slow train to Birmingham and was delightfully told by Virgin West Coast’s customer service agent that if I boarded a different train and there were no seats in First Class, I would have to get off as I hadn’t bought a standard class ticket… oh and that they honour existing reservations on the trains (something completely reasonable, but a relevant piece of the puzzle).

After waiting 2.5 hours and sitting on not one, but two trains that didn’t have a driver; I managed to get on a train that was moving towards Scotland and enjoyed a little of the good hospitality.

As I drew into Edinburgh at 11pm I was ready for my bed, so hopped into a cab, having no clue where the hotel was. The cabby then gave me a piece of his mind for daring to ask for a short journey. In fact, he was so annoyed he kept the meter running whilst I paid to squeeze out another 30p from me (don’t spend it all at once Sonny-Jim, I’m sure that will help with the mortgage payments).

So let’s just say that Friday was a write-off.

The hotel.

One thing that is for sure is that I was really impressed with the Travelodge. It was situated just off the Royal Mile (for those that know Edinburgh) and the room was spacious, with nice TV and a comfy bed. When I went down for my breakfast the following morning, I was bowled over with how fantastic it was. I remember eating in a Travelodge in Worthing once, where you had to pay for your plate to scoop out the ancient bacon and watery scrambled eggs onto. But this was a polar opposite, with real Lavazza coffee and a fresh, hot breakfast buffet I stuck my knife and fork in and filled my boots with the sustenance for the day. I have written a full review of the hotel on my sister blog Where Mama Went, go and have a look I’d definitely recommend it.

The city.

So I was exploring the city with the hope of finding hidden gems that the majority of travellers may not know about. On the train, I got chatting to a couple of Edinburgh natives that recommended the Museum of Childhood and Mary Kings Close. So I started with the former and found it was just around the corner from where I was staying. It was bucketing down with rain, so I was more than happy to find a little place to hide whilst the weather came down.

The museum was fan-dabby-dozie, admission was free and there were 3 floors of toys from what must have been the 1800s. It was fascinating just being able to look at the toys around in the years before iPads and Baby Annabelle. I must say that the doll section was interesting and equally creepy, lots of “dead” eyes looking at you, and some dolls with no eyes at all.

After a nice peruse there, I went and explored Princes Street and the shops around Waverley. They have a massive Flying Tiger so I was more than happy.

Part two is here. I go for some booze and a pizza, it’s definitely worth a read!

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*I was given a complimentary room at the Travelodge Edinburgh Central, in return for an honest review.

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