Easy ways to pamper yourself

Easy ways to pamper yourself

I am very partial to a bit of pampering, like when I pampered my cat with Whiskas, I like to do little things that make me happy. However, sometimes I like to do things that are a bit more exciting than having a hot cup of coffee and I try and make time to look after myself each week and there are so many easy ways to pamper yourself.

Some weeks that may be no more than having a longer shower whilst I put a face scrub on, and other times it’s going out to the nail bar or getting my eyebrows waxed and lashes extended. My favourite treat is getting acrylic nails – which as a midwife is a rare occurrence, but every holiday I make sure I pop in and get them done and wear them proudly for a few weeks before the holiday blues set in and I get them soaked off.

But am I being selfish when I go and get a beauty treatment? Especially when it’s all money spent on frivolity.

No, of course, I’m not. As a mum, it’s so hard to have some time for yourself and grabbing 30 minutes here and there isn’t a crime. The only way I can see it as a negative is if you can’t afford it and your spending needed money on expensive extras.

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But if you are on a budget there are many ways you can give yourself a treat without breaking the bank, shopping for some nail supplies like a nice polish is a cheap and easy way to glam up the “mum look”.

Easy ways to pamper yourself whether you are on a budget or fancy a treat. Getting your eyebrows done or lashes extended; have nail extensions or buy nail polish to sprue up your look.

So what are you going to do to look after yourself? I won’t lie, I’m off to get the monobrow tamed with the help of a lady and some wax!

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