Morrisons you should take a leaf out of John Lewis’ book!

Morrisons you should take a leaf out of John Lewis’ book!

I feel like I am jumping on the bandwagon some what, to be honest, I’m normally about a week late to the most up to date viral news, however, I did cotton on to this quite early with the unfairness Disney originally showed to Sparkle and Stretchmark’s son. I spent a lot of time thinking about the gender neutral saga and even wrote a post on BabyCentre about my views on the matter. 

So what do I think about it, in the sense of the concept rather than the discrimination as was the case with DisneyLand?

With John Lewis, they’ve abandoned the Boy’s and Girl’s labelling on all their clothes as you have probably seen in the media frenzy this week. Well, I feel hazy about this, I understand the reason why John Lewis has made this move, and I truly believe any child should be able to wear anything they want regardless of whether they have girl parts or boy parts. And it does make me feel uncomfortable when people say that they think it’s political correctness gone mad because I really don’t think by saying they’re children’s clothes, rather than gender specific clothes, they are promoting a generation of gender neutral children.

But do you know what does make me very angry? Is the way that some boys and girls clothes are encouraging stereotypes, like these in Morrisons:

I am completely comfortable with buying Isabelle something labelled as “boy’s” however I find the way that they actively promote an image that boys are clever and girls are pretty, leaves a very sour taste in my mouth.

THIS, is what makes me angry.

How is it acceptable, in the year 2017, to promote girls are cute and boys have brains? Morrisons we need to have a little chat about your designers, as this clearly isn’t right. If Isabelle was 4, she would be wearing this T-shirt at every opportunity, the size is the only reason I didn’t buy it. Maybe you should be having a little talk with John Lewis about how they market their children’s clothes, as they may have some advice.

I’m not saying they’ve got it completely right, but they are a hell of a lot more proactive than you.

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