Baby Annabell Brother Doll review

Baby Annabell Brother Doll review

Dolls are a firm favourite in our household. My daughter loves to play with the “babies” and pretend to care for them. For her 2nd birthday,  we got a simple soft doll which she dotes on, so when I was asked to do a Baby Annabell Brother Doll review I thought this would go down like a storm with Isabelle, and I wasn’t wrong!
I remember Baby Annabell from when I was a child, so when we got the doll out of the box I was flabbergasted at how things had moved on from 20 years ago (I guess I should’ve realised that things wouldn’t be the same – lets face it, we didn’t even have internet back then!). The doll comes packaged with a dummy, a bottle, a little necklace and a bib along with a tiny little nappy. It requires 3 AA batteries (not supplied) and a screwdriver to put them in (one of those tiny ones you get in a Christmas cracker). There is an on/off switch on the back as well, although Isabelle clocked that immediately and turns it on during the night at will.

The doll is amazing, yes, actually amazing.

It’s eyes open and close, it sucks on the dummy and the bottle and also has touch sensitive areas on the cheek and the back so that if you stroke it it’ll stop crying. Also, if you lie it flat or pat its back it’ll go off to sleep. The sounds are varied, from crying to a sucking sound and a settled “happy” sound along with snoring whilst it’s asleep. Finally, you can make it wee, the bottle included can be filled with water and the doll will suck it in, there is then a button on it’s belly you can press to make it do a wee. 

To say I’m impressed is an understatement, it is honestly the best toy Isabelle has ever had.

The price is quite expensive at approximately £50, but if you’re looking for a special “main” present for a birthday or Christmas then this is a winner. There are hundreds of additional accessories you can buy to go alongside it including a potty and a crib, along with fancy prams and outfits. You can also purchase additional mini nappies for it – although I’m sure size zero/newborn nappies would fit fine. But you don’t need to buy anything else to make this great.

Currently, 3 weeks on, Isabelle is carrying “blue baby” (she wanted to name it that) everywhere, she takes it to bed every night and asks for help when it cries, running and saying “Baby crying mummy, quick come and help!”. She loves to cuddle and feed it and even asked about it every day whilst we were on holiday (we were cruel and didn’t take it with us).

It’s so wonderful to see her love the doll so much and call herself it’s mummy, not only does she get such enjoyment out of it, but I do too watching her play with it as well.

If you’re thinking of pressing “buy” online, do it, you won’t be disappointed.

I was given a Baby Annabell Brother Doll in exchange for an honest review, the thought’s here are my own.

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