How you could spend your lottery winnings

How you could spend your lottery winnings

*Collaborative post*

It’s something we’ve all thought of, isn’t it? Something we have spent in our minds before we’ve even checked the lottery numbers. Whether it’s a modest £25 or the full jackpot, we can all dream that this week will be the week we win. But what would you actually do if you won the lottery? Here are a few ideas to help you spend your lottery winnings.

Book a world cruise

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This is something I could really get on board with (pun intended). You’ve probably seen these floating around on Facebook. 250-day cruises from Southampton which will take you to 50 countries – or something silly like that. They can be as much as £100,000+ if you want the suite but if you’re thinking of saving those pennies you could probably nab a ticket for about £60,000 each. If you’ve won the big bucks, surely you’d be having the best suite on board though, right?

Buy a bigger house

Most people would probably do this. But how big would you go? A mansion or just a more spacious pad? Or would you just pay off your current mortgage? I think I’d probably go for a more spacious place and hire a cleaner and cook. I love cooking but hate having to make faffy healthy meals so I’d definitely get someone that can do it for me.

Cosmetic surgery

This is more of a joke, but would you change your appearance if you had the cash to subsidise it? I don’t think I’d be plastic-fantastic, but maybe a bit of lipo to help me on my weight loss journey.

Move abroad

If you didn’t need to work, would you move abroad? If you’re a millionaire you can move to America without a working visa, would you pack up and go to the big U S of A? Or perhaps just over to France and Spain? I would probably head off over the pond, but I’d have to take my whole family with me, I wouldn’t want to leave them behind.

Buy a boat

You could afford a yacht but would you buy one? Back when I was a kid we saw George Michael’s yacht docked in Ibiza, let’s just say it wasn’t a dinghy. If you bought one, would you learn to sail it or hire a captain to do it for you? I’m not sure I fancy being on a boat in the open ocean, a cruise ship is as small as I would go when crossing the big open seas, but maybe I’d buy one just to sit and drink Pimms on in the sun.

So how do you plan on winning?

I don’t even play the lottery at the minute, so my chances are zero, however, if you want to increase your chances you can bet on the American Powerball as well as our own National Lottery games. Just make sure you read the instructions fully and can afford to play before you bet. As they say, when the fun stops, stop.

*This is a collaborative post, when betting on anything, make sure you can afford it. I don’t want any of my lovely readers getting into financial hardship.

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