An open letter to the woman on the plane

An open letter to the woman on the plane

Now let me start by saying I actually hate “open letters”. I don’t think they’re very productive and never get seen by the people they are written to. But this is an exception as I’m so riled by the irresponsibility of this one parent on the flight to Spain. So here’s my open letter to the woman on the plane.

To the mum on the plane to Malaga

When you sat in front of us on the flight, nothing seemed untoward, your children were well behaved and quiet. When your son was sick into a bag I thought nothing of it, a bit of motion sickness is normal in a child. However, it wasn’t motion sickness was it? It was, in fact, norovirus, the diarrhoea and vomiting bug. He was sick a further two times more on the flight as well as a bought of diarrhoea, and you said to your mum that you needed more sick bags to last him to the hotel. When you got off the plane he needed to be carried as he was so poorly, he was crying and grey, something we could all see with just a glance.

Do you realise how irresponsible you were to take him on the plane? Norovirus is dangerously contagious. It is an airborne virus and one that spreads like wildfire. Wards in hospitals are closed as the bug sweeps through the patients, so being on a plane with circulated air would put everyone at risk of your child’s illness.

Did you stop to think about that as you packed your suitcase? Did you consider the other passengers as you picked up the extra sick bags? No, I guessed not. Because of you, up to 200 other people could’ve caught the bug, 100+ parents and couples who worked hard all year to have this family break away. And what about the immune compromised people? My daughter is particularly susceptible to illness and it can cause her to be much more poorly than you or I, with the risk of hospital admission in some cases.

So why did you do it? Ignorance? Selfishness? Because I’d really like to hear your explanation as to why you put everyone at risk. I’m about 100% sure it would be because you’d paid for it so you felt you should go. But at the possible cost to 196 other people?

I really hope no one is sick because of your actions, because it definitely isn’t you that’s suffering. I just hope we stay healthy.

Until your next holiday, be considerate of others. I’m sure you would’ve been unimpressed if someone came on your flight with norovirus, but as it was you that did it I’m sure you felt it was fine.


An annoyed mum and passenger on the TUI flight to Malaga.

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