An original Mumsy Midwife poem for #nationalpoetryday #Blogtober18

An original Mumsy Midwife poem for #nationalpoetryday #Blogtober18

Hi de ho, today is day 4 of Blogtober, and the theme is a “ditty” for National Poetry Day. I will disclose upfront that I am SHOCKING at poetry and the last poem I wrote was for the Easter Fayre at my senior school in Year 7. I did win 1st prize but also had the humiliation of modelling the most “extra” Easter bonnet you’ve ever seen. My Mum covered a sombrero with toilet paper flowers of the mint, pink and cream variety. There wasn’t a centimetre not covered with loo roll. I don’t think I’ve ever recovered from that to be honest. Anyway, back to the job at hand. Here is a poem for you all to “enjoy”.

An ode to us parent bloggers

All joined by a passion,

writing is our fashion.

By night our laptop screens,

document and publish our dreams.

The hope to one day,

work online and have our say,

To be very time efficient,

in the hope of being self-sufficient.

To earn a crust our way,

we keep working every day.

Despite all the hate and trolls,

we blog about sleep, coffee and a kid’s dolls.

Us parents, we blog together,

and share, well, posts, pictures or whatever.

One day our little ones will grow,

and on the screen, we will be able to show,

our love, hard work and dedication.

In the hope of bringing up a nation,

of loved, nurtured and happy children,

with an added twist of social media for them.

Maybe we will blog forever,

or maybe for just a while, however,

our own part of the internet

forever will be there and set,

in black and white, pink, blue and purple.

Us parent bloggers are awesome people.


Now please excuse the terrible grammar – I really have no idea how to properly write a poem, and I also profusely apologise for the cringe that comes as a side effect of reading terrible poetry. I promise I will never write one again. so, until tomorrow, toodle pip!


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