October roundup

October roundup

Hi everyone! I’ve been a little absent of late, so accept my apologies! I would like to say it was because I was doing exciting things and going to exciting places, but that would only be partly true. I thought I would do a little October roundup of what’s been going on – I’ve noticed lots of other bloggers doing this, so am thinking of doing one for a few months to see how it goes.

October was my birthday month and started with high hopes of completing Blogtober. I didn’t manage that very well, the volume of posts was more than I could keep up with. Since then I’ve had a bit of writer’s block; I’ve had so much content that I want to write, but not able to seem to get the words down “on paper”.

I’ve had two London trips during the month, the first was a two day stay where I went to the Chinese Community Centre in Leicester Square to film with the BBC. I was there discussing how Chinese culture is different from western practices during and after pregnancy. I’ve done a bit of filming before for Mumsnet and Nurture, but this was the first TV appearance. I did a day in the life vlog, which I’ve added below if you’ve got a cup of tea and are ready to settle down. I stayed over in London City then went to the Influencer Marketing Show and PI Live – a conference for brands about online marketing. Mumsnet gave me a ticket to go along, and I learnt a lot about marketing from a brand’s point of view rather than as a blogger and social media “influencer” (I would never refer to myself as an influencer as I’m just a tiny fish). Some of the comments raised my eyebrows and showed me that there is still some headway to make with the relationship bloggers have with companies. The fact there was a conference concentrating on it showed that it is progressing, though so that’s great.

The second London trip came at the end of the month when I met with Tracey from Oh Pretty City. When I was at BlogOn earlier this year (a blogging conference) I won a photo shoot on the raffle and after much planning, the day came! She took me to Camden, Waterloo and Covent Garden for some fantastic photo opportunities. Posing in front of people was a bit cringey at first, but the pictures she took were amazing. Tracey was so lovely as well, I’d definitely recommend her if you are looking for some Instagram worthy pics.

In between the London adventures was my birthday, unfortunately, I was at work 9-6 that day so actually didn’t celebrate it at all. I had a meal out and an unofficial birthday at the weekend. Mr Mumsy took me to Ask Italian for a meal and then to the cinema to see “A Star is Born”. Oh. My. God. I cried like a baby. If you haven’t seen it yet then go tomorrow! It’s one of the best films I’d seen in years and I’ve already pre-ordered the Blu Ray.

The final week of the month saw some time off work for me, Isabelle went to stay with her Nanny and Grandad and I slept and did absolutely nothing for 3 days. I’ve started planning my novel again from the ground up. The plot and characters are now completely different, but the idea is the same one that I’ve always had burning in me. So watch this space.

Before I went back to work Isabelle picked her first Pumpkin at a “pick your own”. It was fabulous. She wanted a tiny one, so we walked around the field for ages until she found one that was small enough to meet her requirements. We had a long walk up a steep hill to get to the field so by the time we got there she was exhausted. We then trundled back down and I ended up dropping the pumpkin and chasing it down the hill, like they chase that cheese at that festival.

Heading into November, now that I’m in the last year of my 20s I am coming up with a 30 before 30 plan, at the moment I only have 4 things on it. I think I need to scale down what I am actually capable of and think of the little things, not just the big life memories. I’ll be writing a post on that soon.

Anyway, enough waffling from me, how was your October? Did you do anything exciting?

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