A new venture

A new venture, I'm making hand poured 100% soy wax candles.

I’m now in my 4th month of maternity leave and feeling a little stir crazy! I need a new venture. This “being a mum” lark is bloody hard work. The monotony of the days is very wearing and no one can prepare you for the financial implications of maternity pay. When I’m at home all day all I want to do is buy cake and online shop, which does nothing for the already sparse bank balance. Or my waist line for that matter (current fave is a Nero’s hot chocolate, I’ve heard that they’re calorie free…. well that’s what I tell myself).

So my blog MO says I have a crafty edge, as of yet I’ve never written a crafty post so here’s my first! I love anything handmade, I’ve been knitting and crocheting since I was about 17 (thank you Grandma for teaching me), I’ve got wonderful memories of going to my Gran’s house after work during my gap year and knitting all evening before staying over night. I always woke up to a bacon sandwich in the morning, it didn’t get better than that.

If you fast forward 9 years to now and I seem to do ANYTHING crafty. I do baking, cross stitch, calligraphy, poly-clay modelling, knitting, crochet, stamp carving, photography and now candle making. But now I’m starting a new venture, a business!

I’m now the CEO (that makes me feel important) of Sweet Embers. I’m dipping my toe in with luxury hand made 100% soy wax candles. My lovely followers; I would really appreciate a like! I’m now booked in to do some fairs before Christmas, so it’s actually happening!

I’m not a natural business woman, and I’m hardly going to be the next Yankee Candle, but to me this is an exciting new hobby to help pay for my web hosting bills! It’s a great distraction from the nappy, feed, sleep repeat schedule I’m stuck in as well!

Watch this space, there’s so much more to come! Did you do anything to help with the cost of maternity leave?


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