Anxiety Apps

Anxiety Apps

So as some of you may have seen I’ve been suffering from postnatal anxiety. I have no qualms about admitting that and I am not ashamed to say that it sometimes ventures into postnatal depression.

Over the last 10 weeks many days have been like wading through treacle. Not much really helps when you get up in a funk, it’s just riding the wave and hoping that tomorrow is easier. I have found a couple of apps have helped me, which I have found surprising! I wasn’t convinced that technology would help. I’ve bought these apps myself and wanted to review how they have worked for me, no sponsorship or freebies.

What worked for you?

My absolute favourite is Headspace.

Unfortunately after the first 10 days you have to pay for it, if you subscribe for a year, like I have, it is around £4.20 a month. You have to complete the take 10 series for the full 30 days before you can move onto a specific course. The other courses to pick from are anxiety (just the ticket), stress, sleep, productivity amongst a whole list of other ones that I genuinely feel I’ll use. There is one specific to conceiving/pregnancy… not quite sure how that works but I won’t be accessing that one for a while, I can tell you for free!

Another really effective feature of the app is the ability to do a “single” for a quick boost to aid sleep or with cycling and commuting. The SOS option is also available for the “mindful emergencies” you may encounter and this also works on Apple Watch if you have one.

My other go to app is Pause.

It’s amazingly simple and I was dubious about the benefit it would have, in all honesty. After a little bit of perseverance I find myself using this frequently during the day.

The idea behind this is to incorporate mindfulness and tai chi by slowly moving your finger across the phone screen whilst calming music plays. The app tells you when you are moving either too fast or too slow and lets you set the amount of time you want to “pause” for. I usually set it for 5 minutes, with a little baby it’s unlikely I would have more time on my hands than that.

I have found that I now rely on these apps every day. I have now made a habit of doing my Headspace at night and find I sleep much better after doing it.

What has helped you to combat anxiety and depression?

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