Wicked Uncle toys review

Wicked Uncle toys review

This month I’ve been challenged to buy some toys for Isabelle from Wicked Uncle. So I went online and decided on what to treat her to.

Wicked Uncle sells toys for all ages from newborn to bigger children. I was looking at the toddler range, beings as Isabelle is 18 months old. I picked Smartmax Magnetic Discovery. I’ve not seen anything like these before and knew that they would be well played with. The idea is that they are building blocks which fit together with magnets. This allows the little one to build a frame of a house, cube or anything similar.

What I really liked about them was that they made the child have to think about building in an alternative way to Megabloks, each long piece needs to be linked with a magnet and also magnetic balls that act as joints, not just simply sticking one block onto the other. The toy seems much more educational than regular building blocks, and this interested me.

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When we opened it Isabelle was a little unsure of what to do. The toy is aimed at 1 year+, so I didn’t think she should have any difficulty working it out (she’s 18 months now). However, trying to get her to understand about the ball and long piece joining together was quite difficult, as she didn’t really understand why they didn’t fit together on their own. The pieces are big meaning they aren’t a choking hazard, but it definitely took some time for her to grasp the concept. However, my husband and I had great fun playing with them alongside her, even though she wasn’t sure what to do.

These blocks are retailing at £29.99 at the moment on the Wicked Uncle website. The shop also stocks soft toys, commemorative soft toys (so ones to be given for a Christening for example), chocolate and novelty items like hooded towels. I thought the site was really easy to navigate with the ability to filter your items by age and gender. I’m not a big fan of making gender assumptions with toys, so this didn’t particularly float my boat, but I appreciate that some parents and gift givers would rather have a look at their gender specific items.

The delivery was quick. Which is ideal if you want to buy a gift, something they have as a selling point. In with each delivery is a card to pass onto your giftee to let you know what they thought of it, and no prices are included within the box.

Have you ever shopped at Wicked Uncle? What did you buy?

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*I was gifted a voucher in return for an honest review of the Wicked Uncle web site and toys they sell. The opinions are my own.

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