Travel sickness bites

Travel sickness bites

I’m not on about being sick of travelling, oh no, I’m on about motion sickness. When I was a kid I had TERRIBLE travel sickness, I couldn’t go further than 30 minutes down the road without a risk of me feeling ill. Luckily as I aged, my sickness subsided and I was symptom-free until I was pregnant with Isabelle.

Unfortunately, motion sickness returned in the form of seasickness. We got married when I was about 8 weeks pregnant and went on our honeymoon (a cruise) the following day. I spent the whole fortnight in the bathroom along with the swell of the ocean and didn’t really enjoy it at all; not even the onboard tablets were enough. It must have been more than morning sickness because it hit me like a brick wall as soon as the ship left the dock.

As this is published we will be in the second week of a cruise holiday, a reattempt at our honeymoon, if you will. I’ve heard on the grapevine that travelling from Southampton can be choppy with the Bay of Biscay, so I’ve come along prepared this time. I am taking no chances with motion sickness.

The one benefit of this holiday is that I am definitely NOT pregnant, not even a possibility of being preggo so I won’t have the hormones to battle luckily. It means it’s free reign for the anti-sickness pills, should I need them. Places like The Independent Pharmacy, Boot’s and all the local pharmacies stock products like Stugeron 15 and sickness bands so I’ve got a few packs in my medicine bag to take along. If I SHOULD run out, then the ship’s gift shop will have emergency supplies at a hefty price, I imagine.

This time, travel sickness will not ruin our reattempt at a honeymoon! Although the drowsiness from the anti-sickness tablets may make it a bit hazy.


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  1. Dave
    May 10, 2017 / 10:32 am

    Could also try the nevasic app on your mobile. Nothing extra to carry or forget, yet clinically trialled and proven both effective and safe – no drugs, no side effects.

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