Tena Lady Discreet

Tena Lady Discreet

Right, so most of us here are either pregnant, or have children, so I’m going to ask you a midwife question…

“Are you doing your pelvic floor excercises?”

No?! Ok, well me either. Who has time for that when you’re running around being a mum (I’m assuming any male readers don’t have an issue with their pelvic floor?). But it is something that crosses my mind occasionally. Admittedly more so, since Tena Lady got in touch and asked me to come along to an event in London. 

They have a new range of pads coming out, Tena Lady Discreet, including a mini and mini plus version. Traditionally pads are thick and cumbersome, you can tell you’re wearing them and they aren’t exactly invisible. So they’ve decided to shake things up and created this range aimed at younger women.

Did you know 47% of UK women experience bladder weakness? That includes women of every age,  with 2,000 ladies replying to the survey.

“I think that’s staggering!”

It’s still such a taboo subject, but why? In the same way that mental health is starting to become less stigmatised, bladder weakness should too. What’s the shame?

To promote the new range, Tena invited me and a host of other bloggers to try a bit of Burlesque dancing in the Soho Hotel in London. I won’t lie to you, I was hopeless. Paired with the fact my hair had turned orange the day before, I wasn’t exactly a sultry minx on the dancefloor, more of a beacon of clumsiness.

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But it was definitely a laugh, and once a glass or two of champagne had slipped down nicely, all of us were more than happy to jiggle about with our feather boas. We even got a certificate to say we were now official dancers… although I don’t think I’ll be quitting my day job anytime soon.

With the launch of the new range, I had the opportunity to ask the brand ambassador Dr Hilary Jones (from ITV) a few questions. Thank you to everyone that responded to my poll on Facebook. The top question was:

“What are the most effective pelvic floor exercises”

He dutifully responded, although I didn’t get to meet him (blogging goal). Maybe next time!

Here is his response:

“Regularly practicing your pelvic floor exercises can be really effective at toning up your pelvic muscles and reducing unexpected leaks when you sneeze or cough, but it’s important to do them properly.

Identify them by stopping your urine flow midstream. Now sit comfortably and squeeze those muscles 10 to 15 times in a row. Each week, hold the contractions for longer and practise them more frequently. You should feel a big difference within a few months.”

Why do you think there is a stigma with bladder weakness? Tell me in the comments below.

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