Self-care – the word on everyone’s lips

Self-care – the word on everyone’s lips

2018 seems to be the year of looking after yourself, everyone is going on about “self-care” and taking time for “you”. It’s something I can definitely get on board with as who wouldn’t like to reserve a little time for themselves? It’s also something I’m guilty of not doing, it’s easy to just keep going with the day to day and not think about what your body needs, be it a bit of rest on the sofa or a full body massage. I think the clincher is that when you’re a parent there really isn’t much time for you. 

Being able to have a bit of self-care is a luxury and one that doesn’t come around that often. So you need to be disciplined in making that time when you can. Here are a few ideas.

1. Take a hot bath.

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After the kids have gone to bed, draw a lovely bubble bath with some of the smellies you got for Christmas but haven’t had time to use yet. If you don’t have anything in, get yourself down to Lush to get a couple of bath bombs to put in the cupboard ready for when the kids settle down early! It’s compulsory that you take in an iPad with a trashy boxset on or a good book and soak for at least half an hour to make sure you’re really relaxed.

2. Give yourself a manicure (or pedicure).

Spend a bit of time looking after your hands and feet. Once the hard work of the day is finished give your hands a soak and provide some TLC for those overworked digits. If time is of the essence then just use some nice moisturiser to help hydrate your skin otherwise you can buy yourself a new shade of polish or just give them a nice coat of clear, so even when you’re changing nappies and running after little ones your nails and toes look great.

3. Have a luxurious shower.

If you’re struggling for time, why not have a nice hot shower. It takes a fraction of the time and uses a fraction of the water (for those that are on a meter or are eco-minded). You can still use your favourite products but you don’t have to commit the time to it as you would a bath.

I am a stickler for a power shower and love waterfall shower heads (I would love to have one at home). One way you can get a powerful shower that doesn’t use gallons of extra water is to buy a pump to boost your water pressure. If your boiler is a bit meh, then something like Stuart Turner pumps from Pump Sales Direct may be a good alternative to replacing the whole system. Just make sure you get someone suitably trained to fit it.

4. Get cosy in bed.

Photo by David Mao on Unsplash

Now I’m not talking about any funny business, but on the cold nights get your favourite jammies on and get into bed. Perhaps pop the heating up a degree or two as well, and warm up your pyjamas before you put them on. This is even better if it can be accompanied by a hot chocolate or a nice hot cup of tea… the best way to get ready for a good night’s sleep.

What are your favourite ways to practise self-care? Tell me in the comments below.

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