5 steps to the perfect children’s bedroom

5 steps to the perfect children’s bedroom

Since we moved into our new house (which isn’t so new now) we’ve been lazy when it comes to decorating. The rooms were all fine when we unpacked the boxes and, as so frequently happens, life has gotten in the way. We haven’t properly decorated Isabelle’s bedroom yet but we know it needs a bit of a spruce up so in the coming months we’re going to be transforming a regular room into a children’s bedroom and playroom. Here are some of the top things on my list.

1. Think carefully about the colour.

5 steps to the perfect playroom. www.mumsymidwife.com nursery, crib, children's bedroom

It can be very easy to migrate to the obvious pinks and blues, but it is definitely worth thinking about alternative colours like pastel yellows, mint, lavender or lilac or even grey. These colours transform the room from an overwhelming shade to a neutral haven for your little one and encourage a more relaxing environment. Colour has such an impact on how you can feel so it is worth considering when painting your child’s room and what you think will stand the test of time.  Paint is always expensive but it may well be worth investing in wipeable paint in case of accidental stains and scribbles on the walls.

2. Choose a style with longevity.

5 steps to the perfect playroom. www.mumsymidwife.com nursery, crib, children's bedroom

With thanks to Kate from The Less-Refined Mind

I touched on this before, however, if you are completely revamping your kid’s room you probably want it to last. If they are a toddler it may not be ideal to paint a gorgeous Peppa Pig mural on the wall, even a couple of years later they will be passed that phase and onto something completely different. Choosing a timeless theme (if any theme at all) would add a personal touch to the room without having the worry of the current faves on the TV. Things like jungles, animals, superheroes, princesses and even classic Disney will last as the years go on. Obviously, bear in mind their current age as a 10-year-old might love a jungle theme but will she want it when he’s 14? Probably not.

3. Decal or not to decal?


5 steps to the perfect playroom. www.mumsymidwife.com nursery, crib, children's bedroom

With thanks to Katy from KatyKicker.com

These may be the answer to a child’s constantly changing likes. They are inexpensive and can be applied and removed pretty easily. Ebay and Amazon are great sources for bedroom decals to suit every little one’s request. They are ideal for a light coloured wall, so if you are planning a repaint perhaps make sure one wall is white or pastel so that you can see the decals easily once applied.

4. Picking quality furniture.

There are plenty of places to find quality furniture to match every budget. As your kids get older their furniture will last longer. After all, you can’t expect a 5-year-old to still be in a cot nor a newborn in a single bed. Depending on the space available it may be ideal to consider cabin beds or compact storage from places like Ikea. If you are looking for funky children’s beds there are some fab kid’s beds online at the Children’s Bed Shop. They have something to meet every taste from Tipi tent beds (which look awesome, I totally wish they had a grown up one) to single beds with storage underneath.

5. The finishing touches.

5 steps to the perfect playroom. www.mumsymidwife.com nursery, crib, children's bedroom

This is where I come into my own. There are some amazing inexpensive room decorations you can find in the supermarkets and online. From cloud shaped rugs to owl shaped lamp shades there is something to make every little child’s dream room. Even putting up pictures in funky frames can transform a regular room into a child’s perfect bedroom/playroom. Storage doesn’t have to be in the form of furniture, just having some large coloured plastic boxes can hold lots of toys to keep them close to hand but tidied away, as well as the added perk of injecting a bit of colour into the room without the permanency of paint.

What did you choose for your child’s bedroom?

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  1. March 16, 2018 / 2:45 am

    Excellent ideas, I have also found that picking a theme that is simple helps a lot. If you pick a special color combination finding furniture becomes crazy. White and black furnitures may sound boring initially but with a good wall color combination sometimes they look best.

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