Nappy rash review.

Nappy rash review.

We’ve been hit in the mumsy midwife household. For the second time since our daughter was born we’ve got “the rash”… Aka nappy rash. The first time she was only 2 days old (literally) so we had no point of reference or experience. Nor could we use different products as her skin was just too new to try the harsher creams on. Luckily now she is nearly 6 months and we had the also had Metanium to try and make her botty better.The first time she had nappy rash all we had at our disposal was Sudocrem and Sudocrem Care & Protect. Well, that’s at least what we had in the house at 10pm when we discovered it. So we had to work with what we had. It only took, maybe, 24 hours for the worst to be over and the weeping bits to heal, almost completely (yes it was weeping, see my post  mummy guilt – the first week! to see how awful I felt). We ended up exclusively using the Care & Protect as I’d heard good things about it on the Internet, and the advert was convincing. Although the website does state it is aimed for preventing nappy rash rather than treating it, we found it worked well for both.

This time things were a bit different. We were on holiday and slowly noticed it starting despite our best efforts. We’ve been using regular Sudocrem with every nappy change pretty much since birth and even with this applied a-plenty, it still came and hit us in the goolies.

Since coming home from the break we started using the Care & Protect again as I was sent a free sample to use previously. It’s quite an expensive product and we found that the original stuff tended to go further for regular use. To buy a 30g tube can be quite costly but it’s definitely more portable. We also tried Metanium, with disastrous effects and now she has peeling skin on her bum (cue mummy guilt phase 2). After googling this effect I found out it is quite common, and that maybe we had put too much on… Although I implicitly followed the dosage guidelines.

So if your baby has a sore bum, I would head toward the Sudocrem products before reaching for the Metanium. They seem much gentler on the skin and, at the end of the day, I’d rather spend a little more to prevent the misery my baby is experiencing right now from the “burnt” skin from the other reportedly “better” product.

I was gifted the Sudocrem Care & Protect for purposes of review, but I value my readers and my integrity so the opinions I have are my own and honest. I value you all too much to compromise that

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