Aldi baby event 2016.

Aldi baby event 2016.

So I’ve been a lucky girl. I was gifted £30 to spend at the Aldi baby event and, my God, I went to town. I’ll be honest, I very rarely shop at Aldi. I’ve heard really good things about their baby products but have always felt like it was hard work taking the baby around the shop. Normally we have our shopping delivered after our daughter has gone to bed to reduce the stress as much as possible. So this time I left the baby with Grandma and had a mummy-only trip to buy some loot!

I ended up spending £33 and managed to bag all of this:

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The event was much bigger than I had anticipated, they were selling high hairs, Tommee Tippee bottles and teats, a Sangenic nappy bin and cassettes, Sudocrem, baby clothes and LOADS of Nuby products; this was accompanied with the full Mamia range that Aldi are known for.

I wasn’t really sure what to buy. I wanted to try everything, so I decided to try a bit of as much as possible. I ended up with Mamia nappies, sensitive wipes and a selection of their organic pouches (which I’ll expand on in a mo) along with a Nuby teether monkey, socks and a stair gate.

At the minute we are right in the midst of the “first tastes” bit of weaning. I’m really sceptical about using pre-made products as I am never sure of what is added to them. I was REALLY impressed with Aldi and the fact that their only ingredients are the ones you’re expecting i.e. 100% apple purée, nothing else added. Also the fact that they are so reasonable being only £1.79 for 5x50g pouches means it’s much cheaper than the other well-known organic brand that is at least £1 per pouch. I could see myself using these weaning products long-term (whilst we are at the appropriate stage) because I am happy with what I’m feeding my daughter and they are cheap enough for me to use daily without worrying I’m over spending.

I’m looking forward to trying the nappies and wipes, which were reduced in the baby event, I’m hoping I’m a convert to Mamia the same that many mums have. Watch this space, I’ll tweet how I get on!

I’d get down to the baby event if you can, there are lots of good little bargains to be had and I think I’ll end up back there in the not too distant future stocking up on their weaning purées. Thanks Aldi for giving me the chance to try out your products. It’s been great fun!

I would like to say that all the opinions are my own in this review, although I was gifted the vouchers, I really value my readers and I wouldn’t compromise my integrity for you!

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