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Lego Duplo Number Train review

Up until now, the Mumsy Midwife house had never been invited to a blogging event collectively. I have been to a few, but Isabelle has been too young to appreciate any toy events or launches. Recently Lego Duplo invited the three of us to their Number Train travelling spectacular in Milton Keynes. And we had THE most fun.

The event toured the UK and promoted their new toy, the Lego Number Train set. A life-sized number train complete with a singing train driver was set up to allow the kids to play with more Duplo than they have ever seen and have a photo from inside the train engine.

Well, we had the most fantastic time and as we were VIPs (get us) we got sent some lovely Duplo once we got home. The Number Train is a lovely little set to get a toddler started in the world of Lego. It comes with 3 carriages and a train engine, along with a Duplo block for each number from 0-9. There is also a little boy, a girl and a cat to place wherever your imagination fancies. The set is aimed at the younger toddler, so is ideal for an 18-month-old upwards.

One thing I like about the set is the fact that not only is it functional (there are wheels on the carriages to allow a little one to push it around) but it’s also helping educationally. As a child, I was always a huge Lego fan, and to start a toddler off with something like this is fab. I’ve sat down with Isabelle many times and have started trying to get her to recognise the numbers whilst we play. At her age, she is only counting to three with the odd out of sequence number coming after it, so showing her what the numbers look like is as detailed as it gets. She doesn’t feel like I am pushing her to learn and she gets to play with a train. A winner all around really.

I can tell just from this set that we are going to be spending a LOT of money on Lego as she grows up… now I need to find some slippers to avenge the inevitable unseen Lego brick of doom on the carpet!

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