Revamping your bathroom – what would you choose?

Revamping your bathroom – what would you choose?

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Have you got any plans to decorate your house? This year we are hoping to start nesting in our house, we’ve lived here for almost 2 years and have done absolutely nothing since we moved in. I’ll be honest, it was only a couple of months ago we actually started to clear through the rubbish we dumped at the bottom of the stairs to the loft; putting it in the eaves of the house. In exchange for a weekend of hell and 4 trips to the tip (yes 4!), I got an office space and the loveliest little corner to call my own. But what have we got plans to do? Well, almost everything really, but today I’m going to talk about revamping your bathroom – what would you choose? I know what I’d pick. 

The bathroom is usually a forgotten room in the house, yet one that we use quite a few times a day. In our house, we are lucky enough to have a bathroom upstairs and a shower and toilet downstairs. It comes in much handier than we thought it would! Our downstairs set-up is drab, there isn’t a window and the current decor is magnolia, it needs gutting and starting again really.

revamping your bathroom, geometric and striped wallpaper, brass tap,

When we do dish out the cash to get it sorted I have quite a strong idea about what I’d like, I have no idea if that is what my husband will agree too, though! I am a massive fan of a bold but fresh bathroom, I don’t mean fuschia pink walls, but something like these choices of striped wallpaper for the bathroom are right up my street.

“Even if we don’t manage to completely replace the shower cubicle, the addition of something current, which geometrics and stripes are at the minute, can make the world of difference.”

It doesn’t cost the earth either, there are so many wallpapers you can find for a reasonable price per roll and with a tasteful splash of colour, no matter what your budget is, there will be something to match it. We managed to upcycle our kitchen for less than £40 when we replaced the door knobs, it was cheap and changed the whole look of our kitchen.

It would be lovely to be able to have a full bathroom renovation like my blogging friend Donna from What the Redhead Said (her tiling and fancy shower are truly to die for) and I think that a mix of crisp white with some tasteful colour would be just the ticket, so this is what I will aim for firstly.

copper towel rail Here Come the Hoopers, revamping your bathroom,

Photo with thanks to Catherine from Here Come the Hoopers.

If the budget was big enough I’d adore a waterfall shower, a new toilet and the towel rail that the new ensuite in Hear Come the Hoopers house has got – copper is so in fashion at the moment and I’m totally following everyone else in thinking it’s gorgeous. I think if there were any space I’d like these beautiful Corian worktops as well.

So what is your next project? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll make sure I update you when I’ve finally taken the plunge (pun intended) and decorated the downstairs loo.

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