Justice League in Itty Bitty form – we’re #strongertogether

Justice League in Itty Bitty form – we’re #strongertogether

You have to have been living under a rock not to notice that the new Justice League film is coming out. I’m not a superhero bod like some, but even I know this! I’ll tell you the truth, it is in part down to Hallmark and their launch of the Itty Bittys Justice League collection. I am a fan of a plushie, I must say. When they got in touch, they challenged me and my family to create our own superhero logo in celebration of the release and the idea that we are #strongertogether. A challenge we were only happy to accept.

I don’t craft much with Isabelle. I am a perfectionist and I do find it hard to let her take the lead when it is getting very messy, but we decided to combine our efforts and I took her direction along with some of my creative juices to make the fondly named….

Sleep Thief.

Yes, this is not exactly a superhero as much as a supervillain! Isabelle is the perfectly formed toddler version of the renowned thief amongst parents. This villain takes many forms, in fact, it morphs into an exact copy of your own child, so that you may not even notice it sneak into your house.

Unfortunately, this villain arrived at chez Mumsy on the exact same day our daughter was born – what are the chances of that?! As of yet, we cannot work out it’s kryptonite, we’ve tried that Lush sleepy cream, thinking that would be the answer, but it disappointingly wasn’t, as was the AirWick sleep spray that some parents swear by.

Anyway, Isabelle LOVED helping Mummy make a cape for the villain and even opened a full packet of sequins onto the floor, isn’t she just SO helpful, bless her? She also loved taking off the orange circles I painstakingly glued on, convinced that they were slices of carrot. She was sorely disappointed when she munched on one.

As it happens, when I actually tried to get her to wear our creation she point-blank refused, I don’t think she realised the implications of her crafting on her sense of style, so instead of getting the youngest member of the family to wear it, I got the oldest member… Here is “GG” (Great Grandma for those asking) modelling our creation.

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The one thing that comes to mind when you think of a group of superheroes like the Justice League is that when you combine your forces you can achieve great things. Something that is definitely true when it comes to tag teaming sleep… or crafts, I will definitely be making sure Daddy is there to enjoy it next time!

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