Grill Sergeant BBQ review

Grill Sergeant BBQ review

Here in the Mumsy Midwife household, we had our final BBQ at our current home *sob*. It is our first home so we are “totes emosh” that we’re leaving such a happy, memory-filled place. To celebrate the final weekend here, we tried out the Grill Sergeant BBQ that we were sent to try. 

The idea behind the barbecue is that you can take it anywhere and use it, for example, a park or on holiday. We just used it in the back garden as our usual BBQ is otherwise indisposed at the moment (read: over-grown with grass and weeds).

When it arrives it comes in a compact box and you have to build it yourself. Something that took much longer than it really should have. Both my husband and I took about 15 minutes to work out what goes where as the instructions aren’t completely clear. However, you know what is meant to go where, as it is following the normal blueprint for a BBQ.

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In the box comes the barbecue itself, a metal grill rack and a bucket to put your charcoal in. This slots inside under the rack and means that the outer shell doesn’t get hot. There are also 3 clasps to lock it shut and 2 vents, one on the top and the bottom, to allow for better cooking/cooling. The handle is completely separate to the lid so that it remains easy to carry even if there is hot charcoal inside.

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We found that the metal bucket wasn’t big enough to hold the amount of coal we needed to heat the BBQ. In the end, we got rid of the bucket and just filled the bottom half with charcoal. This meant the shell was very hot so you’d need to be careful if you did the same. The clasps were also hot for when we replaced the lid at the end, although not so hot that we couldn’t use them, my husband still managed to lock the lid on without any heatproof gloves.

The barbecue worked really well, we had enough food for two and it cooked both the burgers and the sausages really quite quickly, compared to how long it has taken us in the past. The small shape also means the charcoal heated up quicker and you were ready to cook within 20 minutes of lighting it. The heat was concentrated and with the charcoal filling the whole of the base, all of the grill rack was usable to cook on. Something I’m not sure would be the case if you used the smaller bucket.

In all, it’s a fab bit of kit. It will be used time and time again in the new house as we won’t have a build in BBQ there. The design on the outside is cute, my husband made the suggestion that the sergeant should be smoking a cigar and the vent should line up with the end of it, so as to look like it was actually smoking, which I think is a cool idea. If you want to buy one they vary in price from £14.99 to around £40.00 depending on where you shop. They are for sale at

If you want to buy one they vary in price from £14.99 to around £40.00 depending on where you shop. They are for sale at Hawkins Bazaar but you can Google for other retailers that stock them. I think it’d be great for a beach BBQ or to take camping, really portable and it’s not going to take up too much space in the car.

What’s your favourite BBQ food?

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