The first family holiday – to Center Parcs

The first family holiday – to Center Parcs

We took a leap this January, we’ve been brave. We’ve tackled the first holiday as a family. Our choice? Sherwood Forest Centre Parcs. So as you “weathered” parents will know, our car was by no means big enough! Not by a long stretch. The bath seat had to be hooked over the passenger head rest and my husband had to be packed into the car and the gubbins stacked around him. The only one that was comfortable on this journey was the little one, who stretched her legs, taunting us with her bountiful amount of room as I dodged wobbly bags flying all over the place as we overtook a white van on the M1.

So I’ve been really excited about this trip. We both decided that Centre Parcs was a good first break, being only about 90 minutes away. We weren’t wrong and I must say that the holiday is probably one of the best I’ve been on. Which is a tall order when you’ve been on a honeymoon around Central America on a 6* cruise ship! But honestly I am now IN LOVE with Sherwood Forest and am currently trying to convince my husband to go again.

On the opposite side though, I had completely underestimated how hard it is to be prepared enough and as such I forgot the most important item. Nappies? No. Formula? No.


I forgot the bloody wine. Typical. So instead of nice wine filled evenings watching “Come dine with me” and a little soak in the fancy hydrobath; I ended up on an accidental dry January, without the perk of sponsorship for charity.

(Whilst we’re on the subject of “Come dine with me”. Did you see the clip of the sore loser kicking the woman out of his house? Bahahaha. And that, my friend, is why being on that show is the epitomy of my worst nightmare.)

Anyway, as we were, even with my self-imposed drinking ban, it was still one of the best holidays I’ve been on.

Centre Parcs… If you’re reading this. I’m in love with you!

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I haven’t been paid to write this or received any perks, if I had, I wouldn’t have forgotten the wine. I’m just really pleased with our first trip as a little family. 

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  1. January 22, 2016 / 11:14 am

    Ahh so glad you enjoyed Center Parcs! I am literally a Center Parcs addict, and that completely stems from the best memories I have going as a child with my parents. We used to go every year (back in the time when it was allowed to take children out of school for holidays!) but once my twin brothers started school, a) money got a bit tight and b) my parents didn’t think they could academically afford to miss a week of school so we stopped going. I went again for the first time as an adult back in 2009, and have pretty much been every year since. We even spent a weekend there as part of our honeymoon!

    Ever since we found out we were expecting Pickle, a Center Parcs holiday has DEFINITELY been on the cards. I can highly recommend going in Nov/Dec – the prices are really reasonable AND the effort they go to for Christmas is incredible. Real life reindeer, magical lights and snow everywhere and a weekly fireworks show! We’ll be heading there in November and I can’t wait!

    Rookie error forgetting the wine… the supermarket there can be quite expensive. Aldi wine all the way!

  2. Steph Tilley
    January 26, 2016 / 12:55 pm

    Hi It’s Steph from Center Parcs, we really enjoyed ready your blog and it was great to here what a lovely time you had. My little girl went on her first break at 2 weeks old, she’s now 8 and I’m pleased to say, as they get older, the amount of stuff they need decreases! For future reference, wine is available in the Parcmarket for around £6, but send me a tweet when you next go and I will make sure we leave you a bottle to get you started!

    • January 27, 2016 / 2:54 pm

      Oh Steph, you’re my new favourite person! We’re going to Woburn in May so I’ll be in touch 😉

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