Dressing to impress!

Dressing to impress!

I love getting dressed up; I only need a thinly veiled invite for me to get out (or buy) a gorgeous dress to wear. I have a lot of favourite websites I usually trawl through and lust after when a party is on the cards, but for men, it’s just not the same, is it! I don’t mean that they don’t lust after an amazing pair of jeans, although correct me if I’m wrong, I do think that’s more of a woman thing. What I’m referring to is that the selection isn’t the same. 

For women, you can pick a dress, jumpsuit, top and trousers or skirt, whereas men just have the choice of what shirt to wear and which jeans are better looking. I was given the chance recently to make a wishlist of clothes for my husband, but in the end, it just ended up being a list of shirts I think would suit him. However, all of them were affordable and available on Jacamo.

These are the ones that caught my eye:

The classic plain shirt.

I like the shade of blue for this one, simple yet stylish for any smart-casual event. It will always be in fashion and can be used for many years to come.

blue shirt

Smart contrasting cuffs.

This one is also quite casual but the contrasting cuffs just give off a smarter vibe. Would suit more of a winter event as the effects of the cuffs would be lost if they were rolled up too far.

red marl

A proper summer BBQ shirt.

I love this as it looks really cool for the summer months. The short sleeves mean it will really suit an outdoor event and will suit a nice pair of jeans perfectly, it’s colour also adds to the more airy summer vibe.

light blue

Finally, a dress shirt great for work and more formal occasions.

This is a really versatile shirt which would suit both day-to-day work attire and a wedding. I particularly like the detail in the colour which appears more like a very subtle pinstripe when you see it up close.


All these shirts are available for £25.00 and under which means it won’t break the bank to be stylish this summer. What would you like to see your partner in this summer, and a mankini isn’t an option! If you’re wanting affordable men’s shirts have a look at Jacamo.

Now back to looking at maxi dresses for me!

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