Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit review!

Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit review!

I was sent something reaallllyyy cool to try. A karaoke kit. People that know me will know, that I can’t sing for toffee but that doesn’t stop me going for it full throttle in the car and shower. I don’t need an excuse to sing so a karaoke machine is only going to motivate me even more! Lucky Voice sent me one of their karaoke kits. Inside comes a microphone and a party box which all hooks up to your iPad or PC. You then need to either visit their website or download the “Lucky Voice” app to play.

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I had my bestie, Nina, at home for the day (she lives so far away usually *weeps*) so it was a perfect excuse to give it a go. The app itself is absolutely fantastic, it had almost every song we thought of, including some old school Busted (which you can see on the iPad above – we love a bit of “Air Hostess”!) and the usual classics like “Summer Nights” etc. I did find that it didn’t have every song. I really fancied belting “Elastic Heart” by Sia out after watching a bit too much of “Sing It On” on Netflix, but that wasn’t there, although “Chandelier” was so I went for that instead. We tried out a whole host of Christmas tunes as well, which are part of the library, so this would be a fab addition to a Christmas party!

The app is fully functional without the karaoke kit, so still great for parties. It costs £1.49 a week or £4.99 a month on an iTunes subscription, although you can stop and start it at any time as there is no contract or obligation.

The kit is a great addition, although at £50 it’s quite pricey. I’d want to be sure it was going to get some proper use if I was forking out to buy it. When you open the box you have all the wires you need to get it working, however, you do need an external speaker for the microphone to work. Apparently, a Bluetooth speaker or iPod dock with a normal headphone jack will work fine or even your TV speakers. I used the speaker I have for my mac which is a tiny little thing, which worked ok. It was hardly stereo sound, though! I did have a bit of difficulty setting it all up initially but then I found this video which explains it all well.

I’ve done a vlog to show you what it’s actually like, as let’s face it, a blog post doesn’t really show how it works!

And here are some shots of us having fun, even if it was 2pm on a Sunday afternoon without alcohol!

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If you’ve got a party coming up it really is a great laugh. I think kids parties would be good with the app/kit and hen parties even better. We did note there weren’t many children’s songs on there but there was “Let it Go” so all is forgiven.

If you would like a month’s free trial of Lucky Voice app/PC you can do so with the code MUMSY. You just need to redeem it on the Lucky Voice Karaoke website first of all then log in on the app on your iPad.

I was sent the Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit to review, however the opinions here are my own, I value my readers too much to compromise that. 

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  1. July 21, 2016 / 4:13 pm

    Love it! Great vlog too, your singing voice isn’t too shabby, I’m not allowed to sing let it go, I get told to be quiet!

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