Couch to… half marathon!

Couch to… half marathon!

Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a bit of a couch potato. I can’t run to the end of the road. But I’m saying it now… I’ve just signed up to do a walking half marathon in September. It’s called the Shine Night Walk for Cancer Research UK.

I’ve never done anything like this before so, understandably, I’ve got a LOT of training to do. Luckily they give you a training schedule so I have a bit of guidance.

With the walk you are able to specify which area of research you want your sponsorship to go to, I’ve picked children’s cancers. When we take our daughter to Birmingham Children’s Hospital (which is fairly regularly) we wait in the Oncology/Haematology department for her appointment, it’s so harrowing to see the children that are unwell, and I want to help them – I want us to beat cancer!

I’m starting a post series to chart my progression and eventually, my walk, if I ever reach the finish line!

To get me in the mood and give me a taster, I’m also signing up to do the Color Run at Birmingham NEC in August. So get ready for lots of pictures of me covered in all kinds of stuff and a very tired looking Clare crawling over the finish line!

I’m not going to use my blog to beg for donations, I would love to get sponsorship but I’m not going to be bugging you for cash. I know that you all donate to a lot of charities. If you DID want to sponsor me, I’ll include a link at the end of my “Couch to… Half Marathon” posts where you can also see how far away I am from my target.

Now, next stop to buy some good running shoes. I think I need some cake first though…

Sponsor me and see my progress!



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