My Bullet Journal on National Stationery Week.

My Bullet Journal on National Stationery Week.

So I heard from Rachel at Parenthood Highs and Lows that this week is National Stationery Week, and my Paperchase newsletter told me today was officially World Stationery Day! As a very big stationery fan (aka as a collector/hoarder of pens and paper) I thought I’d write a little post about how I organise my life, and how addictive it is.

Have any of you heard about Bullet Journaling?

Up until about a month ago, I hadn’t, but now I can’t seem to live without my bullet journal. The idea is quite simple, you streamline your task and planners all in to one book. You can see what the official bullet journal concept is here but I have changed mine to meet my home life and blogging life.

I have two sections, the first with my weekly and monthly planners. My recent spread looks like this:

bullet journal

My weekly planner.

I transfer the monthly tasks to the weekly planner every weekend so that my spread is relatively tidy for the week ahead. I plot all my future tasks on the monthly calendar page to keep all of the “mess” in one place.

In the line next to where the numbers are written I plot day to day time management, so my daughter’s naps, my blogging time and how I slept. Here is a previous time management planner I used until I adapted it into the weekly spread:

bullet journal

My time management tracker.

In the second half of my journal I have all of my blogging related information, stats, posting schedule, daily task tracker (twitter, facebook and comments etc).

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The original bullet journals are incredibly simple, no fancy penmanship and sketches, but the trend has evolved and now there are groups like Bullet Journal Junkies and countless Instagram accounts (BulletJournal and wireandmagic) where people share and inspire each other with amazing calligraphy, art and page design. I LOVE putting washi tape on my pages (as you can tell) I always buy mine from Berylune, but you can get it in other places too. Slowly I’m practising my fancy lettering, one day I’ll get there.

Now that I have mastered bullet journaling, I have only got one planner. I was working from 3 at once up until now. Plus I get to make every page exactly as I need them to be, which is great for blog stuff!

As a final note, Happy National Stationery Week! I encourage you to celebrate by tweeting me/instagramming me/facebooking me photos of your favourite stationery bits and pieces. Use #mumsymidwifepens!

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  1. May 21, 2016 / 11:04 am

    I love a bucket journal post! I’ve just got my first moleskine notebook and I’m waiting for my co,lured oens to arrive. I can’t wait to set up my first month! Xx

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