8 tips for choosing childcare

8 tips for choosing childcare

Are you looking for a nursery for your child? Are you going back to work soon? Well I am in the same position at the minute; I’m returning to work in a couple of months and need to start choosing childcare for my daughter. It is a daunting task. You have to feel like you trust these strangers to properly look after your child when you aren’t even around. But what sort of things to you need to bear in mind when you are looking? There are a few different types of childcare available including: a nursery, a nanny, a childminder or an au pair. Today I am exploring a little further the things you need to think about and do when choosing a nursery or childminder for your child. Have a watch of the YouTube video below to see my 8 top tips.

Luckily we’ve now picked a place for our daughter to go to. We’ve arranged the settling in sessions and I’m starting to get my head around her having another person in her life that takes care of her. It’s not easy, and I’m barely able to think about her being at nursery on her own at the moment. What if she wants her mummy or daddy?

*Cue tears and tonnes of mummy guilt*

It’s, unfortunately, a necessary “evil”;  but I’m sure she will love having lots of friends to play with. As for the cost of childcare, that is a whole other topic entirely! The money spent on one day of nursery is almost as much as I’ll earn. It doesn’t really encourage women back into work though really.

Do you have any tips of what you looked for or asked when you were choosing a venue or person? Leave me a comment below or contact me on social media, I’ll do a little vlog round-up of the best tips sent in.

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  1. Elsa Anderson
    January 10, 2017 / 6:08 pm

    My husband and I are having a hard time making our schedules work so that someone can take care of our daughter. I think it’s time we look at sending her to a child care program during the day so that we know she is getting the care and attention she deserves. That’s why I like how you mention that daughter will love having lots of friends to play with because I think it will be good for my daughter to interact with other kids her own age so she learns to share and play nicely.

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