5 things you don’t need with a newborn

5 things you don’t need with a newborn

When I was pregnant, I was sure I had all the gadgets I needed for when our daughter was born. I had bought all the clothes and googled all the things for my Amazon wishlist. However, now we’re moving house, I’ve had chance to have a look through all the things we bought and realised what a load of rubbish some of the stuff was. Here are my top 5 things you definitely don’t need to buy for your newborn. 

Ewan the dream sheep

We were recommended this, and the idea is fab, the only problem is that it only plays for 20 minutes at a time and is far too quiet to drown out a screaming baby. We ended up using the Relax Melodies app which was free and would play continuously until you turned it off, or you could set a timer of your choice which was ideal.

Changing table

I spent ages picking a beautiful changing table and my husband spent just as long trying to build it. We have NEVER used it to change our daughter’s nappy, only ever to store her clothes. We only ever changed her on the floor, so really all we needed was a chest of drawers and not a fancy piece of baby furniture.

Baby bath

Luckily I didn’t get one of these. We just used the sink while she was really little and then bought a bath seat that was suitable for her age group. I really rate the Angelcare Soft-Touch Bath SupportS , it may be a little pricey but we have used it almost every day since we purchased it. The days we didn’t use it were the days she didn’t have a bath!

Carry cot for the pram

I thought this was so important for taking her out in the buggy. In all honesty, I only used the carry cot attachment once, the rest of the time I used the adapters to attach the car seat to the buggy, that worked way better when she fell asleep in the car or whilst walking around. It meant no transferring and waking her up in the process.

Those soothers attached to cuddly toys.

We really struggled with getting a dummy that would stay in. Out of desperation, we imported a special cuddly toy that has a soother attached to it. It didn’t work for 2 reasons; 1, we couldn’t take the dummy off the toy so we couldn’t sterilise it and 2, the dummy was really hard and not easy for any baby to suck. Needless to say, our daughter hated it.

Did you buy anything that turned out to be useless when you first had your children?

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  1. August 4, 2016 / 9:12 am

    I thought I was going to end up going crazy buying for the little guy but I think I have done okay. I bought a baby bath first to get the ball rolling I think I will use it as the sink is an odd shape haha. I think I will be doing most of the changing downstairs so didn’t get the changing table. I avoided the furniture set with changing table on top of the drawers, I’d rather put stuff on the drawers! I will just use the changing mat wherever in the house. But what do you think about a travel changing mat? They worth it? 🙂

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