Lost: sleep; found: the first tooth

Lost: sleep; found: the first tooth

There was a momentous day in the Mumsy Midwife household last week. We found a tooth! Luckily, not just lying around, but one tiny, lone tooth in a very sore looking mouth. This little peg has been causing us problems since our daughter was about 12 weeks old, with dribbling and chewing to rival that of a rabid dog, although this little one’s “growl-face” was a lot more gummy than any dog’s! 

first tooth www.mumsymidwife.comI can’t say I’m not relieved, I was beginning to wonder if there were actually any teeth IN there. I’ve been wanting to feed her more chewable foods but have been really reluctant in case she choked. I know, I know, that would be rare, but it doesn’t stop you second guessing yourself as a mother, does it!

My daughter has an amazing way to celebrate the big life milestones… she’s stopped sleeping!

YAAAAYYYYY – said no parent ever.

In honour of this tiny little white mark on her gum (it’s not even all the way through yet) our evenings have been filled with the banshee-like crying from bedtime until 9pm. Controlled crying seems so harsh when you turn around to leave the room and you’re met with this face:

first tooth www.mumsymidwife.comSo lots have cuddles and a fair dose of Calpol/Nurofen has been prescribed by mummy. Who know’s when the next little “critter” will turn up, hopefully, it’s not too far away. I can’t wait to see her new smile when a few teeth have come through and she’s able to chomp on my finger (or nose, or ear, or toe).

Now I’ve just got to remember which one came first so I can save it when the tooth falls out when she’s older! In the meantime, I need a nap… Oh wait, I have a child; guess I’ll just spend the afternoon singing the “Teletubbies” theme tune on repeat *bangs head against wall*.

When did your little one’s first tooth appear? How much hassle did it cause your baby?

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  1. June 12, 2016 / 7:30 am

    I feel your pain! The seconds follows quickly after. Mine were all early teethers, from 4-6 months. They chew with their gums as long as it’s soft food. Xx

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