New year, new ventures.

New year, new ventures.

2016 wasn’t my best year. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t my worst either, but there was room for improvement. I spent the majority of the year on maternity leave or unwell hopping from one thing to another. You can’t beat being off work for 12 months, but it isn’t exactly the baby holiday that you may imagine it might be (do any women actually think it is?).

Anyway, I digress, here is a little summary of what’s happening in 2017 and what my goals are.

New year, new job.

So I’m starting a new job in January, it is a completely new direction and is so much better for the family. The hours suit us better and it’s an exciting new start. I can’t say anymore as healthcare is such a confidential area (and so it should be), but it is so wonderful to have a new venture with the new year.

New year, new body.

No, I’m not getting any “work” done, but I am doing work on my figure. I’ve really struggled to lose the baby weight, and I currently hate looking in the mirror at my shape. So I’ve started Slimming World, my first weigh in since I started the plan is on Thursday 19th Jan, and I will be charting my progress on Instagram so come and have a look at me lose the weight.

New Year's resolutions are great for goal setting, are you trying to lose weight or starting a new job? I'm working on slimming down using slimming world.

My target is 2 1/2 st. So no small change here, massive amounts of weight. I am loving the fact that I can eat as much fruit and veg as I want, along with unlimited amounts of other foods like pasta and potatoes. I do find that I’m hungry but I am able to fill up on other food rather than lust after my next meal.

Blog goals.

I guess the trend is to set blogging goals for the year ahead, but I’m not going to have any new goals other than update the ones I had for 2016. All I would like is for Mumsy Midwife and my other blog Where Mama Went to grow and provide more opportunities for the family. I also would love to continue the friendships I’ve made within the blogging community, some of them I call my best friends now and I would never have known them if it wasn’t for this little blog *gush over*.

Have you got any goals for the year ahead? Tell me below.

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