Nanogen Expert Hair Research Thickening Treatment for women review.

Nanogen Expert Hair Research Thickening Treatment for women review.

About a month ago I was given the chance to try Nanogen’s Thickening Treatment range to try and make my hair more luscious. When I was pregnant, my hair was really thick, but as many mums have experienced, the extra hair literally fell out in clumps once all those nice pregnancy hormones disappeared. I have never had thick hair, it’s always been really fine – but plenty of it, so when I lost my locks I was really disappointed. I’d had a taste of the other life, and I didn’t want to go back to the old ways.

Nanogen has a full range of products to help make your hair thicker, including shampoo and conditioner, thickening spray and an intensive hair growth factor treatment serum. All are available from Boot’s. I was initially worried they wouldn’t work with my permed hair (yes I have a perm, no I don’t look like Whitney circa 1987) but they assured me that it wouldn’t affect the style, so I tried them in earnest.

Thickening products have really never worked for me in the past. I have tried thickening serums and sprays from the hair products aisle (mentioning no names) but these were a different ball game entirely. Firstly they weren’t with the regular hair products, they were kept in the pharmacy section, which made me think that there is something more happening in the box rather than a 2 for £5 deal on mousse. They are also quite pricey. I’ve written the prices with the products in the following slideshow, they are correct at time of publish using Boot’s as my benchmark.

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You do get a good sized product, but a little goes a long way with the last two products.

So after using the products for a month, my hair is definitely feeling thicker. It’s hard to describe, I always let my hair dry naturally usually, but it feels like I’ve blow dried my hair upside down, without doing so. The instructions are pretty clear; for the shampoo you should lather it and leave it in your hair for one minute, followed by the conditioner which you should leave in for 4 minutes before rinsing out. The actual product smells slightly medicated to me, but it could also be interpreted as a citrus scent I suppose. The serum you should use daily, using the pipette to drop 1ml of the fluid on your scalp before massaging in. The thickening spray you can use after a shower or daily, whichever suits, and for the best results you should blow dry your hair as you normally would, to activate more of the thickening properties.

I would say that if you are looking for a product that really does seem to make your hair thicker I would recommend the Nanogen range. It is quite expensive, and may not suit everyone’s budget, but even just using the shampoo and conditioner I noticed a difference. It definitely beats the other, cheaper products on the market.

I was given the Nanogen Expert Hair Research range to review on my blog. The opinions here are my own, I value my readers far too much to compromise that!

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