My Netflix/Amazon Prime picks for Winter 2018

My Netflix/Amazon Prime picks for Winter 2018

I am a creature of habit, and for me finding a good box set to get completely emerged in on the dark wintery nights, is something that I do every year. For some reason, I think all the good stuff gets released in the autumn and lately, I have more stuff than I have time to watch! I thought I would go through and tell you my top picks across both streaming platforms for those of you that are just like me. Just to be clear, this isn’t a sponsored post and I have no affiliation to Netflix or Amazon, but just wanted to share my favourites.


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Wow, just wow. I am LOVING the reboot of my childhood favourite. I must admit I was very unsure as to whether I was pleased about the idea, but decided to give it my two episode trial (every new show I see I give two episodes to win me over) and now I’m hooked. The link to the original is pretty much only through the characters and the idea that she is a half witch, half mortal 16-year-old. It is dark, and a little bit scary in parts, so bear that in mind if you’re not into that sort of thing. The cinematography is beautiful and the actors do a really good job, my personal favourite is Hilda, I want her to be my auntie too.

The Sinner Season 2

This has just dropped at time of writing so I haven’t had time to watch it all through, however, I loved the first season with Jessica Biel so will be getting onto this as soon as I’ve finished Sabrina. This season is completely different from the first and follows a new story rather than carrying on from the first series. Bill Pullman returns as Detective Harry Ambrose and the trailer looks like another action-packed season.

Kath & Kim

This is an old comedy set in Australia about a mother and daughter. I was so thrilled when I noticed this was on, I watched it back when it was on TV in the early noughties. It is full of in-jokes, so if you watch it, stick with it. As time goes by it gets funnier and funnier. Trust me, if you’re looking for something more lighthearted then this is the pick for you.

Amazon Prime


This isn’t a new addition to Prime, but one that I’ve recently picked back up. I watched season one back in 2015 and loved it, so I’m really pleased there are a few more seasons for me to binge on now. It is set in the behind the scenes of “Everlasting” – basically a p*ss take of “The Bachelor” – which is a guilty pleasure of mine. It follows the crew and all the sordid and underhand things they do and orchestrate with the unwitting contestants. It sounds like it should be a comedy, but it isn’t and has a very serious vibe to it overall.

I, Tonya

This film was released last year and stars Margot Robbie in the role of disgraced Ice-Skater Tonya Harding. It is brilliant and well worth a watch. It follows through Tonya’s life and difficult upbringing along with her struggles in adulthood and her skating career in which she is prejudiced against due to her unconventional background. I loved the film and would definitely watch it again.

Parks and Recreation

This is a brilliant comedy series from the pen of Amy Poehler (SNL). In the same vain as “The Office US” and “30 Rock” the comedy is subtle but still hilarious. I loved the early seasons and really need to pick it up again to catch up on the ones I’ve missed.

There we go, those are my top choices if you’re looking for something to watch this winter. Now, do you have any recommendations you think I should try out?

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