Fancy footwear from Chipmunk

Fancy footwear from Chipmunk

I do love a good pair of shoes and I am quite strict on what I put on my feet, so when it comes to Isabelle I am just as rigorous at picking shoes that will support her feet and will be comfortable. A couple of months ago I was asked by Chipmunks Footwear to review their slippers, when I looked at their website I instantly fell in love. The choice was absolutely darling and there are so many stylish children’s shoes to choose from. 

The company makes school shoes, boots, slippers and wellies and caters from babies to junior size 2, although they don’t have the option to pick the width like certain retailers do. The designs are fantastic, with the stereotypical leather school shoe to the most wonderful animal slippers and print wellies. I decided to try out a pair of their unicorn slippers and let’s just say, they went down well.

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We’ve been using them for the last couple of weeks and have had a good road test of the build quality. They are sturdy slippers and I can tell they will last until my daughter grows out of them. The soles are plastic and have a rim up to the soft upper part, although they are obviously slippers they would last with the occasional trip outdoors. The velcro sides mean that a little one can put them on, and take them off, by themselves. As Isabelle is two and a half, she is learning to get herself dressed and the ease in which these go on means we don’t have the tantrums when mummy has to help her. Something that is always welcome in Chez Mumsy.

The designs on offer make it so hard to choose just one pair. I am eyeing up the lovely wellies as well as some of the shoes for when she goes up to the next size and will definitely be buying some more of the slippers, I’m thinking pandas next time.

If you’re looking for something a little different and don’t want to spend heaps of money on the high street or get unsuitable footwear from the cheapie shops, this is the ideal alternative.

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