Airwrap – a safe cot bumper alternative

Airwrap – a safe cot bumper alternative

I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard all of the stories that float around Facebook about how dangerous cot bumpers are and vowed never to be tempted by the cute designs you can find almost everywhere that sells baby items. But then I was contacted by Airwrap and offered a set of their safe alternative to cot bumpers. I was dubious at first, but I did a bit of reading up. 

The idea behind these cot bumper alternatives is that they are breathable and free of the dangers that plague the traditional design. They are formed with a muslin outer layer and polyester inner layer, so that should a baby lie face first against one, they can breathe normally. They also have no ties, so there is no strangulation risk which was one of the big issues for me.

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I thought about them quite a bit before I agreed to try them, as I was still concerned that they may not practice what they preach, however, having looked at them closely before fitting them to the cot, I am satisfied that the mesh design and velcro attachments would be safe for my daughter to sleep in. They are fitted by wrapping the edge around the final bar on each side of the cot and attaching the velcro as seen in the picture below. There is then a gap between the last bar and the corner of the cot, therefore allowing for ventilation in, for when the weather is warm.

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I do like the product and think that if you are looking for a way for your child to keep their legs and arms inside the bars it’s a good choice. I’m not sure you’ll manage to keep a soother inside the cot with them, as if your child is anything like mine, she will chuck it out over the top of the bumper anyway.

Have you got any baby items you couldn’t live without?

*I was sent a set of Airwrap cot bumper alternatives for purposes of review, however, the opinions and thoughts are my own, I value my readers too much to compromise that. 

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