What did my mum teach me?

What did my mum teach me?

When I became a mother, I developed a new found respect for all mothers out there, suddenly it all became clear why they always looked so tired, it was because they were. My Mum has always helped out with Isabelle, and honestly, we wouldn’t manage without her, so for Mother’s Day this year I’ve decided to do a little post as a nod towards Granny Lin (as she is now known). Yes, I know it’s a week late, but life has gotten in the way, but I still wanted to publish it as all of it is still true!

What’s the best piece of parenting advice your mum gave you?

I think it would be to remember that Isabelle is only a baby/toddler. Wen she’s being a pain, it’s just typical toddler behaviour and she doesn’t mean to be such hard work.

What’s the funniest thing you remember your mum doing from your childhood?

My mum pretended that when you got something in your eye you had to take it out to wash it in one of those “eye-baths”, so I worried for years about getting things in my eye.

Also, as a child I was absolutely obsessed with Pomeranian dogs and desperately wanted one, Mum told me I had one to play with for the day on my birthday, clearly thinking it was an obvious joke. I took it super seriously and went to school excited, telling everyone about my birthday present. Only to realise the truth a few days later.

Is there a particularly fond memory you have of your mum?

Dancing around the room to Phil Collins on the tape player.

Have any of your mum’s parenting skills rubbed off on you?

Being silly, for sure. And lots of affectionate nicknames for my daughter.

Do you ever hear yourself and think “I’ve turned into my mother!”? What were you doing?

When I answer the phone, I sometimes think I sound identical to my Mum. When I lived at home people couldn’t tell the difference between me and my Mum.

What aspect of your mum do you wish to encompass in your own life?

Her patience. I’m really not a very patient person, so I don’t know if I ever will manage to rival her faultless patience when I was a child. With Isabelle, I find being a mum quite frustrating, so I don’t know how she did it and dealt with my “girl mood swings”.

What was the biggest piece of advice your Mum/a role model gave you?

With so much adversity out there in the world, I think taking the time to think of family and remember the happy memories from childhood is so important. We don’t all have mums in our lives and some of us don’t have very good mums, but if there is someone you look up to then tell me your memories from your childhood and how they’ve shaped you as a parent.

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